ear 868 0r modwright LS 36.5 w PS or VTL 7.5 S1

Hi There ,

I am considering for an upgrade from my current ear 868 preamp to Modwright LS 36.5 with separate power supply or the VTL 7.5 series 1 to pair with my Plinius SA-103 pwr amp and Dynaudio C4 speaker and air tight ATE 2005 phonostage w Transparent Ultra IC & Speaker Wire.

The 868 has a texture of live performance but a little forward sounding over the modwright but d LS 36.5 sounds good also but w lush & distinct separation of instruments and soundstage like the VTL 7.5 S1.

Is it really worth moving up for a preamp w separate power supply. Does it really make sense to justify 2 times cost of it ?

All suggestions , comments and experiences to share are greatly appreciated.

A separate power supply is not meaningful in the absence of sonic improvement. Consider the wall wart for instance as an example of a true separate power supply. Therefore trust your ears do determine better sound not a theorectical better sound based on circuit archetecture.
In my own experince a robust,well designed and properly implemented PS can lead to substantial sound improvement. I think often times the PS is under rated in it`s importance. Dan Wright has a well earned reputation, so construction and parts quaility should be fine. 6 moons did a very detailed review of the Modwright preamp with/without the seperate PS. They thought the optional PS was certainly worth the added cost.
If you buy used, you can buy them both the Modwright w/separate power supply and without separate power supply to demo in your system, then keep the one that is the best match. I've done that a couple times with different gear.

Only your ears and pocketbook can really answer this question.
thanks very much for your comments & suggestions.
The EAR 868 is a very decent preamp but if the upgrade bug is really biting you, the modwright is a very good choice as i have heard it at CES and RMAF. You cant compare the VTLs as it is not in the same level in terms of price point as it is double the price of the modwrights and the EAR. If its possible to audition them all, it will be your ears that will be the final judge and not the opinions of others here in the forum. Good luck in your quest for audio nirvana.
Th best under 10K preamp I have heard is the Coincident Technology Linestage at $5,000. The only shortcoming being only 2 or 3 inputs. It can cause you to re-think your front end. At over 10K the Einstein "The Tube Mk11" is oustanding. It is very transparent and dynamic. Also the Audion Premier Quattro 2-box or 4-box preamp is the best preamp that has also the best phono stages.
Sgm, 868 use PCC88 that I find a bit agressive and forward. Have you tried rolling some ecc88/7308/6922? Maybe Philip Holland/Amperex?