EAD Processor

After visiting a couple of my local audio shops, I had gotten the bug to get a quality two channel pre-amp into my HT system again. I ran an ARC-LS25 with NOS tubes for a couple of years and felt I was missing out on the added detail, bloom and sound-stage that it brought to my system.
I was getting ready to pull the trigger on a ARC-LS26 or Aesthetix unit, when I contacted Noble Electric about an intermittent problem I had with my EAD 8800 Pro processor. They said it was probably a software issue, as I didn�t have the last version that was released for that unit.
So as long as I was sending it in, I figured I have them look at up-grading and modifying it. I figured I would still need the processor for movies and multi-channel SACD�s even it I got a new two channel pre amp.

I had them do just about everything they could with the unit, at least with the front two channels.
I got the unit back a couple of weeks ago and all I can say is WOW!!! Right out of the box it sounded like a completely different unit, dead quiet background, huge sound stage and tons of detail, stuff I had not heard in the past. It continues to sound sweeter after each listening. I now have no desire at all to get a two channel pre-amp�.. Well maybe an ARC Ref 3.
I do have a strong desire to up-grade my turntable /cartridge now� It never ends does it. The analog pass through sound so much better now, it really shows the weakness of my current set-up.

I have no relation with Nobel and have never had them do any work on my equipment before, so it took a little �leap of faith� to have the work done. If you own an EAD processor, do yourself a favor and send it in to these guys, you will not be sorry. Best �bang for the buck� I�ve had in a long time!
My system:
- Ayre V1 power amp for the front two channels
- Two Ayre V3�s, one bi-amps the front center and one for the rear�s
- Sony XA777EX SACD player
- Music Hall MMF-7 turntable with a Shure V15 cartridge
- Primare phone stage
- Five custom NorthCreek Rhythm Revelators speakers with external crossovers and Cardas internal wiring
- Two custom NorthCreek 18� subs driven by a Threshold 500 se amp
- Cables are either Cardas or NBS
- Four 20 amp power lines provide juice to the system
I own an EAD Theatremaster Ovation-8 and have been considering for some time now as to whether or not I should send it to Noble for upgrades. Could you possibly detail exactly what upgrades were done and how much the total cost for all the upgrades were?
I am interested in your upgrade experience too. I have an EAD processor I would like to upgrade. Do you have a number for Noble I can call.