Dyslexic need very easy to understand H T reciever

I had a Dennon yrs ago that I liked, got anther one that was way over my head,and the McIntosh MHT 200 way over my head. I want dual zones I have speakers on the patio. and want to be able to watch moves or tv inside. any suggestions on a Home Theater system would be greatly Appreciated. also I think having a CD/DVD player in one made it more complicated
When you say "way over my head", I take it that you mean the components are complicated and/or difficult to use. If that's the case, look at Cambridge. They make some great multiroom/zone products that are pretty easy to work with. You should be able to download owners manuals off their web site. I would read through some of those to get an idea of what to expect.
ok thank you. yes I have to write all the steps down, and go step by step.
I can't help but empathize. Head injury left me same way. Stay cool and calm. I