Dynavector 10 X 5 Or Other MC In Same Price Range?

Howdy Everyone,

I'm just about to purchase my first moving coil cartridge ever. My turntable is a Rotel RP-955 with a very average Ortofon MM cartridge.

So, in the $350 price range, is the Dynavector 10X5 the way to go - or are there are some other alternatives to consider?

Basically, I'd like to find something that's going to provide more bass when I'm listening to vinyl.

I'm listening through a Nakamichi SR-3A + Vandersteen 1C's, which provides very pleasing sound, but it just doesn't seem to have the same punch as CD's when I listen to LP's.

Any suggestions/advice is appreciated!
I have a dynavector 10X5 and am very happy with it. I found it easy to set up, very musical and my little monitors do not lack for base. I would recommend it highly.
Dynavectors are great, but in your price range (and with that TT/arm), I think you'd get a better value with a Sumiko Blue Point Special Evo3. They're $350 new. There's a used one here for $250 I think:


Keep in mind that great bass with vinyl is very much a function of the arm and table, not just the cartridge. What I'm saying is if you buy a Bluepoint, you'll be able to upgrade the table/arm later, keeping the cartridge, and you'll get even better bass.
I just auditioned the Galibier Stelvio turntable (double arm config) with new brass insert platter and fitted with Schroeder Reference and Micro Seiki 505 tonearms. This at a audio members home, in a system I'm familiar with.

The Schroeder had a ZYX Airy 3 cartridge and the Micro Seiki had the Denon 103 R.

No question the Schroeder + ZYX was the superior rig, but the used Micro Seiki arm ($200.00) and Denon 103R (about $300.00) was a stunning combo.

Point is, the Denon is another cartridge you should consider.
I own a Dynavector 10X5, and find it to be just okay. It is a high output cartridge. So you may need to check your pre-amp for sensitivity. In my case it distorts at high volume. I personally would not buy Dynavector, it offers no bass to speak of.
If the Dyna. offers no bass in your system, you need to look elsewhere in your audio chain to find the problem, because the 10x5 is in know way lacking bass in my system, in fact i find that if it is lacking anything it might be a smidge in the upper frequencies.
Walkelin - I've shaken my windows with a Dynavector 10x cartridge. It is not a bass-shy cartridge by any means. It should not be distorting at high volumes. It sounds like you've got a setup issue, or a mismatch.