Dynaudio Focus 220's vs. T2.5's

Am considering buying a pair of the t2.5's, but was curious if anyone has had a chance to hear both the 2.5's and the newer Focus 220's. I need to have floor standers (due to small kid that likes to grab onto things like speaker stands), and was utterly impressed with the 220's. Unfortunately, at 3k, I'm looking for something a bit more economical, closer to the $1500 - $2000 range.

Thoughts on how these 2 speakers compare?

Hey Dynaudio dealer here. The 2.5 can be found on the used market from time-to-time, however, they may have been owned by several others and passed around some. The 2.5 was a very good speaker in it's day, but the 220 is very close if not slightly better the 2.5. With the 220 you'll be able to match up a center channel if you ever wanted to.

I know you don't want to hear this, but the 220 is now $3300 with the price increase on May 1st.
I have a pair of Focus 220s and had some T2.5s prior to them but not at the same time. However, I did compare some Focus 140s to the T2.5 and preferred the sound of the 140 over them.

I like the added bass that the Focus 220 has to offer. By memory of what the T2.5s sounded like, the 220 is slightly warmer with the bass extending more into the midrange. In fact, I didn't think the T2.5 had much more bass than the Focus 140 which is a good speaker also. The advantage of the Focus 220 over the Focus 140 was not just the slight increase in overall bass. If that were only the case, one would be just as well off with a musical sub like the REL or MJ Acoustics with the Focus 140. What the Focus 220 offers over the Focus 140 is a slightly more forward and revealing upper midrange and treble. Brass is brassier, violins more forward, bongos have snap, etc but all in a good and not harsh way. The Dynaudio 1.3SEs which I also auditioned at home were of a similar cut however with the highs and upper mids even more extended than the Focus 220 and the bass however though slightly more accurate was not quit as pronounced as even the Focus 140 (but still quit good).

Overall, I preferred the sound of the monitor Focus 140 over the T2.5 and the sound of the Focus 220 over the Focus 140 for the more extended midrange primarily. My guess is that if you primarily play classical the T2.5 may be preferred and if you primarily like more popular music and classical Rock the Focus 220 is likely a better bet (and very beautiful in the bookended Rosewood by the way).

Some dealers will discount significantly off the list of the Focus 220 and you can find good deals on used ones if you watch.