SET or Push Pull Amps for Legacy Focus SE

I am interested in feedback from the community from anyone who has married either an SET or Push Pull amp to the Legacy Focus SE speakers. With a stated sensitity of 95.4 dB, it would seem that mid-powered SET or PP amps would be a good match. Also the GM-70 tube.

As a benchmark, I looked at Living Voice OBX speakers driven by an AN 300b Push Pull and they were driven effortlessly (and LV is apparently an actual 92dB sensitivity).
I suspect PP will work better.

The Focus SE have a 4 ohm impedance. Unless the impedance curve is very flat (unlikely), they will better driven by a push pull tube amp.

The Living Voice OBX have a 6 ohm *benign* load (whatever that means in actual specs is not detailed by the manufacturer), but nonetheless a 6 ohm nominal speaker will be driven more easily by a SET amp than will a comparable 4 ohm speaker.

The Manley Neo Classic 300B amps can be run in either SET or PP, and they have variable feedback, so these might be worth investigating for added flexibility with matching.
Have the Legacy Focus 20/20 which are similar.
Used them with Conrad-Johnson MV-52's and their Premier 11a's. Both worked very well, the Premier 11a's even more so. BUT moved onto Wyetech Topaz 211 monoblocks. They are amazing. So all that can be said is that more power in pushpull was not nearly as thrilling or somewhat less in SET.