Proac 1SC vs Dynaudio Focus 140

I am looking to upgrade my current system in my two channel listening room (about 12'x14'), and plan to upgrade my speakers first. Current components are an NAD C372 integrated and Arcam CD73 as the primary source, driving a pair a Paradigm Studio 20's (V1). I am contemplating Proac 1SC's or Dynaudio Focus 140's. I am looking at buying used, and my location will not allow me to demo at home. I have heard both in different stores and have been very impressed with both speakers. My listening tastes lean towards classic rock, contemporary easy listening, and acoustic guitar music.

Has anyone had the chance to do a direct comparison? If so, what would you consider the strengths and weaknesses of each, and which did you prefer ? Also, how much of a step up would these be from my current Paradigm 20's?

I realize my current system will not allow me to take full advantage of what these speakers have to offer, but I have to start somewhere.

Thanks in advance.


I'm not familiar with the exact models but I've owned a few Proacs and Dynaudios and personally I think you will be disappointed with the sound of either with the amp you have. They both need good quality power to sound good. I have been blown away at how good a set of Audience 42s sound hooked to a Creek Destiny integrated but they didn't sound so hot with a couple of other lesser integrateds I tried. Who knows maybe you will be happy with whatever you get with your current amp, hopefully. My vote would be for Dynaudio.
The NAD is plenty of amp for the Dynaudios, and I'd imagine for the ProAcs as well. I owned the Focus 140 with the NAD C325BEE, and the amp wasn't a problem--the Focus 140 is relatively easy to drive. I own the C372 now, and it's considerably better. It won't be a problem.

The Focus 140 is very smooth with a weighty bottom end, and I consider it a perfect rock speaker, though in my experience it lacked a little midrange transparency for acoustic music. I haven't heard the 1SC, but the other ProAcs I've heard have a few treble spikes that make them seem more "detailed" and "exciting" but get tiring. The Focus 140 is a low to no fatigue speaker.
I think the NAD amp is plenty good for either speaker.
I own a 375 BEE with Dynaudio Focus 110, works superbly.

Ejlif, you seem to contradict yourself here. On another thread you wrote about the Destiny and Dynaudio:

"I think the Destiny sounds great. I bought one recently and have been very happy. It's only downside is it has limited power and if your speakers are a difficult load it might not be the best choice. I have a fair amount of trouble driving a set of Dynaudio Audience 42 speakers, so much so that I have begun to search for a replacement."

I also owned a couple of Creek Destiny amps, very nice and plenty of power for Dynaudios.
I am partial to the ProAc. I have heard the Dynaudio and it was too 'dry', ProAc being warmer. Maybe since I was using tubes, the interaction leaned to ProAC. I would try both in your system in an A/B test. Both of these speakers have great re-sale value so you could sell off one pair after the determination is made. Nothing short of comparision in your system will really tell you since the room makes a big difference. As others have pointed out, your amp may leave something to be desired, but first see what you like in the speakers. Then move on to change the amp.
i'm in the upgrade the amp before the speakers camp. there's nuthin really wrong with you nad, but it's not the last word in delicacy or transparency and might not be the best match for the pardaigms, which are fine, transparent speakers. it think you might have better results with a more revealing amp such as the above-mentioned creek, or naim/esoteric/arcam to name a few. i also doubt whether "upgrading" from the paradigm to dynaaudio or proacs would be a significant improvement--i would personally choose the pardaigms over the dynaudios; i do think the proacs are a very good, lively rocknroll speaker, but again, i'd first look at the amp.