dynaudio Contour II MKII

I am planning to buy a 2nd hand dynaudio countour ii MK ii which has rather rare dicsussion in the web.

Is there anyone can tell me what is the performance of this speaker? It  is said it is required a higher power amp. to push this speaker. And it bass is a bit slim. Is these description correct? How about it sound difference when compare with other Dynadudio speakers such as Contour 1.3SE, Contour 1.8 or Contour 3.3?  Your kind response will be highly appreciated.

Buying a dynaudio  contour  2  mk2,is a good idea.
I have bought a second hand of those,and i must say that,with a ma6600 mcintosh   (200 watts per chanel),the sound is good,but
With an another power amp (emotiva xpa-2,-300 watts per chanel  is even better).*Very well constructed,the bass is a little weak ,the mid is more present,if you love classical or jazz,good choice,but for rock,forget it! You'll need a subwoofer.
that's it,i hope you find it usefull . 
**I will translate in french now:

Une bonne achat a faire,usager,conçu  avec la pensée  "audiophile"
Le "mid" est plus présent ,et les basses   plus en arrière  plan,si vous écouter  du classique  ou jazz ,c'est enceintes  feront le travail ,mais pour en tirer  le meilleur  300 watts par canal est un bon agencement . Qualité  de fabrication  parfaite,et un très  beau look a part ça , voila,j'espère  avoir aider quelqu'un.
Tks for your kind reply and sorry for my late response.