Dynaudio Contour 1.3 originals or Audience 72SE?

Hi Guys,

For an HT setup, I have the opportunity to purchase either a Contour 1.3 (not a II or an SE, just the first version) with a Contour center or an Audience 72SE with the Audience 122C center... both basically in the same price range... (72SE is $300 more). However, upon a cursory listening, they seem to be comparable... can you guys tell me what I should be looking for? Or if you have listened to both, can you tell me your opinion on which way you would go?

Thank you.

The 72 is a floor stander? I personally really like all Dynaudio speakers I think I got as much enjoyment out of the audience 42 as the c4s. I haven't heard either of the models you are thinking of but I'd say if you think they sound close then get the 1.3 since it probably will have better resale.