Originals vs. reissues/current issues

I've spent all day, again, listening and I've been not very inpressed by all of the LPs I've played until I put on an original ELP "Brain Salad Surgery" Manticore.
Ahh!!! All day and finally the total musical (whole) I've been craving.
Why would you listen to that album? If I remember, and I do, ELP was voted the worst popular band of all time.

I must say for good reason.
Not sure about that one. They had a progressive fusion thing going on. Works-1 and Tarkus were some of their best work. Works-2 had a few decent tracks but was really no comparison to Works-1. The rest of their albums were hit or miss and the last album from the early eighties was just bad.
ELP, was terrible: period.
My experience with re-issue pressings has been hit-or-miss.
As far as the content - I'm a total music snob, but there's lots of "Bad" music that
I like. Time has been kinder to some musical forms than others.
I wouldn't be caught dead listening to female vocal jazz, but many A'goners love it.
I have never bothered to worry about one reissue or original vs reissue ever.
I have mostly whatever i could find, cheap, used, in great shape.
So I have a few Mobile Fidelity, a few nautilus, and a lot of just whatever it is I have.
I have never tried to compare pressings ((a short jouney into a Hell i have interest in being in!))
So i am just tossing my two cents in to say: nope never bother.
i got it!
sorry, that was rude. But I don't like them

I usually find the re-issue to be better than the orginal, if it's a "special" pressing. I have bought several pristine (truely mint) first pressings, then compared them to the 180g reissue, and in almost all instances the reissue has been better.

that said, I have bought US pressed first pressings only, and many of the special reissues have come from Japan, and have been much better.

It could just be the superior Japanese pressings, and the original 1st issues from Japan might be ever bit as good or better.
Mac, I heard it through the grapevine that you don't care for ELP !!!!!
I prefer an original pressing vs. any re-issue or re-master.
I usually seek out 1st pressings, and on the whole they've been better than re-issues. Once in awhile though a reissue comes along that beats the original, like Mofi's reissue of Santana's 2nd album.
Macdadtexas, I listen to it because it is a GREAT lp! Music affects everyone in a very different way. How can you dismiss my admiration for one band for another, in the way you did? I usually take the dismissive posts, but this time I'm not. Try putting one of YOU're Personal Favorites out there for the vultures to tear apart! I certainly wouldn't say, How could you even like that band, out of hand. Music affects people in very personal ways.
elp rules!
Slaw, Macdad thinks that everything he prefers is the best and everything else sucks. This is just one of those things you have to learn to let slide on internet forums. I know that is not always easy to do but it keeps highly opinionated people from pissing you off all the time.
You mean I just wasted $35 on a Japanese SLM version of Tarkus? Oh No!

Not any worse than Yes IMHO.
do you listen to music, or the gear?