Siltech cables. Help to recognize originals.

Hi friends,
I want to buy some Siltech interconnect and speaker cables, Classic Anniversary series. Unfortunally newones are too expensive for me, so I´m loocking for used.
But I need your help to recognize original Siltech to the chinesse fake.
I will apreciate your help.
There was a few discussions here about Siltech, but from what I've seen and heard, even chinese fake looks and works like real.
Thank you Marakanetz for your answer.
The thing is that in the used market many people want to sell fake version as originals and many people have been victims of fraud.
I know. Wires are the easiest component to fool you. There are fake AudioQuests and Harmonic Tech that look exactly the same.

Its now a larger question to where these wires or cables are being manufactured. The price to purchase equipment capable of properly dressing and terminating wires plus materials turns out to be even cheaper than single set of such PLUS the sonic differences are so minimal that you won't be able to hear.

Having in hands original wire of any manufacturer, it's very easy to replicate it and it's the most profitable to replicate ones for a few kilobucks per piece rather than going an affordable line.

My perception on this is not to use expensive wires anywhere. I'm wired balanced with Mogami. Going wired cheap I see the only way to avoid being scammed... Another way is to get new fake for a-lot less from China from the respected seller that accepts credit cards and issues refunds if your product isn't satisfying you.
To my beliefs wires should never be reaching high hundreds and should be at or bellow $100 per stereo pair at most.

No matter how you calculate labor, design etc etc, It never comes up for such large amount just per wire or cable which brings me to thinking: Who's fake after all?

And finally, I see things OK with fakes that are 10 times cheaper the authentic and look and perform the same because the authentic ones will become closer and closer to the actual reasonable price because there's no other way to fight this grey wire market.
I did test man of them. the only thing they do well are there digital cables. I am from Holland were Siltech is made. To be unnest they are not that special. Even wenn I would get them for free I would not use them. We call it slisssstech. At shows we were alway fooling around with the people. We were not taking them seriously. So for me you would be a fool wenn you would buy them. So use your brains wisely!
There was a thread a while back regarding fake AQ cables from China. It was discovered that these cables were real. Since AQ now does their manufacturing in China, cables were leaving thru the back door and onto the black market. So some of the AQ cables on Ebay are genuine at a crazy low prices and some are very good looking counterfeit.
So I don't know of any safe way to buy these expensive cables, except from the Cable Company where u can buy used or new or use their lending library.

thecableco dot com.
You can tell the fakes because they sell for $59. Genuine Siltechs sell for somewhat more.
Good point Chayro,
Why pay $500 if you can purchase for $59? Looks like $59 is more reasonable to pay than $500 especially for the ones that look exactly like $500.
Than sell as used for $250... DEAL?
Hi friends,
I posted this thread to help me how I can recognize original and fakes cables.
I didn´t post the thread to discuss about the high cost of the cables. Yes, many cables have crazy prices, but this is not the point now.
Althought, thanks for all your answers.


The Siltech interconnects have a serialnumber (holographic) on them, fake mostly do not. In case of doubt a phone call to Siltech will do.
holographic serial number is easily doable and cheap and the
point that there are fakes that look and perform EXACTLY as
Even wenn you have the real stuff, the cables are still not that special. So who cares......Only wenn you have not a lot of knowledge about music and highend you could want to buy it. Even if I would get a lot of money to use them in my set I would not even want them.

I have also considered Siltech cables. The fact that there are so many counterfeit cables is definitely a turn off. The only information that I can offer is this.

1. According to Siltech their cables have a seven digit serial number.
2. Siltech claims their rca ends are higher quality.
3. Look for a certificate of authenticity.
4. If you buy from someone make sure you can get your money refunded. You can take pics of the cables and send them to siltech and they will tell you if they are genuine.
5. I would check Spearit Audio or Usedcable and see when they are running siltech's on special.

just my .02 cents.
The real idea under fake cables is if you blind a/b $40 and $1400 cable you won't hear a thing. It's much more profitable to make $1400 fake which tells that Siltech or similar ones are just priced not according to performance.
The problem of Siltech is you always loose information in the mid freq. At the end you have less information. People think that that have a more open sound and more drive. They are not aware that they lost info at the mid freq. Please be aware!!
I test a lot of them. Wenn other brands make better cables for the same price they are not good enough. It is that simple. They only make good digital cables. It is at it is!
If you need silver cables, you should research Kimber silver streak or pbj silver. They're better both ways price and performance and there not too much of fake, because the price is too low to make profits.
Impressions by an Audiophile Society gathering...
About 6-7 years ago they raised there prices so shops could give more discount. Shops also got a lot better profit deals. I could never sell this story to my clients. I d not liken this way of doing business. It is more like a rip off!
I'd agree that most of Siltech or Harmonic Tech products is scam and ripoff. Purchasing their fake seems to be more fair and reasonable.
Why waste time with fakes when there are myriad of other brands to suit every
taste and pocket.
Conclusion: it´s practically impossible to recognize original Siltech cables nowadays ? I bought my Siltech cables 3 pairs interconnects in the very early 90´s so I guess I´m lucky as they all "sound" excellent, no sibilance nor other annoying issues whatsoever, they just reveal more details/nuances. Since then I have not even thought to go back to copper cables and I will certainly not buy Siltech or whatever they may be today.
I also have one pair of Kimber and would like to have another too. I would recommend to go for Kimber.
Great discussion guys on a very important subject. Because China does produce and sell fake goods- this is reason enough for our U.S. cable/cord manufacturers to never sell anything to that part of the world. It is a travesty. Keep the info flowing!
Get them from USA only from a member with 100% good feedback or a very good dealer.
Siltech is comming from Holland.I live in the Netherlands. I tested them in the past a lot. To be honest in my world they are not good enough in quality. I have done thousends of tests with cables. Always looking just for the best, the rest doesn't matter!
I have written to Siltech several times and have never received a reply or even an acknowledgement of receipt. So for those of you who think you could have support from Siltech to check a serial number (to verify if they are originals or fakes), forget it. Siltech is an irresponsible company that doesn't give a damn about its customers. I turned to Nordost and Audioquest with great satisfaction (I own high end audio research equipment). When a manufacturer demands a price of 4000$ for a pair of interconnect, we are entitled to have a minimum of service. For me Siltech is an ass**** company.