Dynaudio Confidence C4 base loose

Hello everyone.

I have a pair of C4 that I have repositioned. In my attempt to get the feet spikes even, I have been rocking the speakers to find which corner was uneven. By rocking, I place my hand on the upper most part of the cabinet to get the most leverage.

However I noticed there was a new "wooden" creaking sound that wasn't there before.

Now I am concerned that I may have loosened the base of the speaker from the rest of the cabinet.

I have found pictures on the net that shows the base is connected to the main cabinet with a small box containing only the crossover and the speaker terminals. However I am not sure if this is screwed or glued together. Knowing the cabinetry is MDF board, I am extremely concerned that I may have loosened the glue/screw holding the speaker together and could fall apart next time I need to move the speaker.

Can someone who knows how these speakers are put together please provide some insight how to tightened the screw, or explain what the "wooden" creaking noise is.

Thank you so much in advance!!
If assembled like the Evidence master the Stand contains a large metal plate, the spacer between the base and the Cabinet is a large metal block. These are attached to the cabinet it self with 8 long 5mm allen bolts that screw into push inserts thats pushed into the bottom plate of the cabinet, you will need to tighten these 8 bolts with a 4mm allen key.

Lay the cabinet down on a coffe table, for an example, covered with a blanket to expose the bottom and tighten the bolts.

Best of luck