Dynaudio Confidence C1 vs Totem Mani-2

Anybody been able to make a direct comparison between these two monitors? Amplification is a Bryston 3B SST amp and placement will be in a 12x15x9 room. Music is Jazz and Classic rock.

Midrange neutrality and overall balance are paramount to me although I do admit to being a closet basshead. I will be auditioning the Manis later this week but the local Dynaudio dealer does not have a C1 available for a listen.

So, anyone heard both of these models?

I never heard the totem but I do have the C1's. I can't say enough good things about the C1's. Very transparent open and detailed. Great imaging too. Best midrange and overall balance I've heard for a monitor. They do sound better with a sub. I have a Bryston B100 SST and tried my sons 3B SST so power isn't a problem. Looks like the totems use dynaudio drivers but I would doubt they are of the confidence quality.
We mate the C1's with the Bryston amp you have all the time with great success.

I might be somewhat biased as a Dynaudio dealer, but I could easily own any monitor on the planet and I personally chose the C1's for my own system. To my ears the C1 has the smoothest midrange and topend of any monitor out there. I will also say the Totem is no slouch, but imho, it falls well short of the C1's in everything but the lowest octaves. The Totem does play a bit lower than the C1.

Two great speakers you are looking at. Let us know what you decide.
I have owned both, currently have a pair of C1's and used to own a pair of Mani-2 signatures. The C1's have more refined mids and better integration overall up and down the frequency range. The Mani-2 are nice speakers and sound very good overall, have noticeably more prodigious lowre bass/can probably use without sub as long as the power is there. I sold the Mani-2 and kept my C1's. I do use a sub to augment the very bottom with the C1, however.