Dynaudio Confidence C1

Hi, Has anyone heard Dynaudio Confidence C1 speakers paired with a Luxman CD player and Luxman integrated amp and if so what were your impressions? I listen mainly to a lot of jazz, vocals and r&b music.
Your response is very much appreciated.
I heard C1 with Luxman ax590 amp and Cd luxman - dont remember model of cd..

Harsh bright sound luxman trhow in to these speakers)
Can't imagine them sounding harsh. A very musical forgiving speaker.
The C1 needs far more power than the Luxman class A can provide to perform what they are capable of. Maybe the class A/B design Luxmans would work for you. When I had my C1's I used a Simaudio Evolution series I-7 integrated. Sounded superb. I have had a couple of Luxmans in the past, class A and classA/B. Although the are finely crafted and full featured amps, I personally found them too thin and forward to my taste.
Can't imagine them sounding harsh. A very musical forgiving speaker.

Yeah - this is not the speaker's trouble.
Thanks everyone. I would never use Class A Luxman. I was thinking of the Luxman 507. I know many people like Simaudio with the C1s -- I heard Sim wih the C1s once and found them to be dry.
When I had the C1's I had a Bryston B100sst then later an Octave V70se and V110. All sounded great with the C1's. Naim is another that mated extremely well with C1's. As far as Sim I thought the sound was too analytical. I found myself listening to the equipment and not the music.

That said are you looking at or have original C1's or the MKII/Sig or Platinum? With the original they sounded the very best when you turned them up. The louder the better. When I got the Signatures the best part is they sounded a lot better at mid listening levels. So I can see where some folks would say they need a lot of power when comparing to the originals. IMO the C1's have a great price to performance ratio. The Dyn stand2/4/6 is also a must.
Thanks Xti. The Luxman 507 ux has 110 watts -- what do you think about that with the Signatures?
One further point for Xti -- Have you ever compared any of the Harbeth speakers or the Devore Orangutan to the C1s?

Why wouldn't you ever use a Class A Luxman? I have a Luxman M800A which outputs 60 watts class A and also a pair of Bryston 7bst's which outputs 500 watts class AB. The luxman sounds way more powerful than the Bryston. I guess it should considering it's 3 times the price tag ;)
Handsomeck The Luxman should be just fine. The C1's are 4 ohms. The Bryston B100 was rated 100W @ 8 ohms and 180W @ 4ohms. The Octave V70se is rated 70W @4 ohm and the Octave had better control of the sound and didn't sound as dry. The V110 is rated at 110W and had a hair better control compared to the V70. I always preferred a warmer sounding amp with the Dyns.

No I didn't compare the C1's to either Harbeth or Devore. I did compare the C1's to Vienna Acoustic and Sonus Faber and I preferred the C1's. About a year and a half ago the C1's lost out to Raidho D1 and later the D2. C1's had deeper bass than the D1's but the D1's are a clearer bass. I couldn't get my Rel B3 to blend in properly (without bleeding too much into the mids) hence the upgrade to the D2.
Pass X250.5 worked superb on mine