Dynaudio C2 versus S5.4 ?

Anybody has done some comparisons between the two? They both have very positive reviews. But I am not so sure about the 2/3 way design of C2. Feel much more comfortable with the true 3 way of S5.4 instead. But C2 supposedly a step higher than S5.4 though.
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I can't comment on the 5.4's, having not heard them, so I can't really answer your question. However, I do own the C2's and I highly endorse them. I'll admit to being a big Dyn fan, so I didn't listen to a lot of other speakers in the same price range, but if you're looking at these two, presumably you are a fan as well. They're probably both overpriced at full retail.

Even at a 50% premium, if you're looking for music (rather than HT) performance, the C2's will be a much better answer IMO. I find the full range to be exceptional - tight, controlled, transparent, and able to go as loud as any sane person would want in my medium-sized room.

Sorry I can't comment on the 5.4's - I'm sure they're excellent speakers too.
Thanks Kthomas. I assume the quasi 3-way is working fine for C2 then. I am just not so sure about it comparing to the more conventional 3-way design of S5.4.

I am a huge Dynaudio fan myself -- currently have Special 25's and SC center channel. I have no complaints about Special 25's, but would like to try 'full range' versus monitor.

Price-wise I put C2 and S5.4 in the same range -- they are not that much different. S5.4 has bigger woofers, a REAL mid-range, and a single Esotar2 tweeter, but strangely has FR 30-27000Hz versus C2's 28-25000Hz ( I expect the opposite ).

Any input on S5.4 ?
I prefer the old 3.0s to the new Contours. Dynaudio has definitely taken a step back with them.

I love the C2s and C4s, but at that price there are some other great alternatives (that look better imho)
I don't have much experience with S5.4; just a general comment about floorstand. I upgraded from 1.3SE to C2 a year ago. Definitely a step up as far as range in the tonal spectrum. However, I find it very difficult when it comes to placement. I am still working (vigorously) on it even after a year, and still not entirely happy with it. So, beware that it will be very demanding to place the spkers properly. Just my 2 cents.
I have listened to both speakers side by side and the C2's have more in common with the S5.4's than they do with the C4's. Really the improvement in sound is not worth the extra money. It is not that great. In fact after hearing all three speakers I upgraded to the C4's from the S5.4's.
Thanks for you guys' response!

Nrostov, since you've auditioned S5.4 and C2 side-by-side and didn't find much of difference. I will assume I will be well off with EITHER. I've been monitoring both S5.4 and C2 sales on Audiogon and the price is NOT that much of difference! Probably the sound quality is close !(?)

I saw a one-year-old C2 on sale here for 55k and am really tempted to pull the trigger, do you think it worth it?
Yes, for $5,500 it is worth it. However I must say you can get the C4's for about $7,000 - $8,000. You might want to consider spending a little more. The jump in sound quality is big. Having said that if your budget is around $5,500 the C2 is a fine speaker and will give you more than the S5.4
Hi Abe,

I posted a response to you but they didn't put it up so I will repeat it.

My opinion is you might as well get the C2 because that is a good price. I do have to say though that for a couple thousand more you could get the C4's. The difference between the C2 and the C4 is night and day.

In comparison to the S5.4 you will get a bigger sound stage and a little more dynamic range.

Let me know if you have anymore questions.

Thanks Justin for your advice! I have my eyes on a pair of C2's now. If I can get the deal then I will be a happy C2 owner :-) Otherwise I'll be keep looking, who knows maybe jump to Temptation! :-0
Let me know how you like them when you get them.
Hello Abe av, I have been shopping for some time for replacements to my Aerial 10T's. I have heard both speakers and I think I am not going to go for either. The S5.4, in my opinion was a step down from the C2s. The C2s had the best imaging and delivery of information I have heard in an under $20k speaker, especially in the mid-range. However, they had a few faults. They had a bass extension in the mid-bass and a lack of bass in the low/mid bass (sounded a little punchy/unrealistic). They also lacked a little "natural" brightness in the upper mid-range, making voices sound a little flat. This dip in the upper midrange i just can't get over. I am going to see if the C4 maybe the answer. If not, maybe the Wilson IIs, Egglestonworks Andra II or Sonus Faber Amanti. Good luck and let me know what you do.
Cdj123 ------ Temptation !
Yes, you are right. I keep looking but they don't come up to often at an affordable price. Did you buy your C2s ?