DYI system that simply was never heard off

I am wondering if any members here have found the Holy Grail of their audiophile lives by doing something DYI. Be it cables or components, is there a company that convincingly produces kits or pre assembled audio gear that would make any BIG BRAND audio company the shame? Any feedback would be appreciated!
Terres Turntables
Oris 150 and 200 Horns
Ellis Audio 1801 Speakers
Linkwitz Orion Speakers
Welborne DRD 300B amps
DIY Hi-fi Supply "Billie" 300B amps
Decware Zen
Any Bottlehead amp or preamp
Sheldon Stokes Head Phone Amp
Pass DIY Perl Phono
I wouldn't say that my DIY stuff would put the Big Brands to shame, but it was all quite competitive with many of them, and certainly filled my needs.

My Teres turntable was a kit, my tonearm is my DIY modded, my preamp is heavily modded, my previous cables were my DIY, my amp is David Berning's DIY(prototype), and my speakers are my DIY.

It can be done, and you can get very good results. It requires experience, knowledge, and effort. It is very rewarding to see/hear a good final product.
Kojak gives a nice list of some diy projects. There is a lot of support for each one online and that means they can be made by almost anyone. I've done the Billie and the Ella(anther made by the same folks)and, while they may not be the best they are really good values and nice kits to start out with.

Depends on what you are looking for. Here is a short list of diy tube projects that are not quite as popular but a few, like the Bugle, are almost legandary in the diy community. Others, like Nachbar's, are very inexpensive and amazingly good for the cost.

* Ralph Power Buliding your Own DIY Tube Amp: Ralph discusses how he put one of Gary Dahl’s VV30B amp together. A nice intro read on how to go about it: http://www.intergate.com/~Rpower/buildamp.htm
* Fred Nachbar’s Mini-Blok SET http://www.dogstar.dantimax.dk/tubestuf/miniblok.htm
Fred has lots of info and provides a nice explanation of the circuit. Read his article on the little PP amp at his site too.
* Jeremy Epsteins’s Fee Lunch Direct Coupled 2A3. A nice SET circuit and an online reading list to help explain it. http://home.earthlink.net/~ellenoler/freelunch.html
* Derek Walton’s JE Labs 300b project. A really excellent presentation of Joseph Esmilla’s (JELabs) SE 300b. http://indigo.ie/~walton/300b.html
Deluxe Edition: http://indigo.ie/~walton/300bmk2.html
*The “Darling” SET: http://www.diyparadise.com/Darling.html,http://www.geocities.com/bobdanielak/darling.html, AND http://members.lycos.nl/Aren/id12.htm
* John Sherwood’s 300b Breadboard : http://www.homestead.com/sparkgap/amp.html. Nice looking breadboard! If you are starting out do not think you have to commit to a chassis right away! It just complicates things sometimes. Complete with nice pictures of the circuit layout.
* 8W SE EL34 by Claus Byrith. Very nice articles that include a lot of theory. Check out his PP at the same site too: http://www.lundahl.se/claus_b_se.html
* Gordon Rankin’s Bugle 45 (Wavelength Audio site) http://www.wavelengthaudio.com/bugle.pdf
* Wardsweb Direct Coupled 2A3: Based on the Loftin-White design by John Day (1929) http://www.wardsweb.org/audio/dc2a3.html
* Pete Millet’s 829B: http://www.pmillett.addr.com/829b_amplifier.htm
* Aristidis Coumpas’ parafeed 45 (ala Kurt Strain) This is at the Audio Club of Athens Site. While you are there check out the “Audio Papers” section for lots of good projects. http://aca.gr/paper31.htm
* Randy Carter’s Il Monstro, 845-845: http://www.cognitivEvent.com/av_monstro.html
* Thorston Loesch’s Legacy 300b: Based on the Western Electric 91 (WE91): http://www.fortunecity.com/rivendell/xentar/1179/projects/legacy/Legacy.html
* 813 Push Pull, transformer coupled. Based on Lynn Olson’s Aurora (this one isn’t so simple): http://www.izzy-wizzy.com/audio/powamp813.html

If you are interseted in doing a kit I have an outline of online tube electronic info that you might find helpful. Drop me an email if you want a copy.

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Clueless is clued in. Didja sell off all your stock in 2000 and retire, devoting time to your hobby? Wow, I'm impressed with the effort and quality of his post!
Reviving an ancient thread with one word-

I think that most systems, diy or not, were never heard when they were off.