Dunlavy 4A, High Frequency Improvment??

Just curious, has anyone out there experimented with tweeter replacement or tweeking crossovers to improve high frrequency performance of Dunlavy 4A's? How about the new Bybee's? Any suggestions?
Check with Audiogon member "Theaudiotweak". He has a set of Dunlavy SCIV speakers and has modded the heck out of them, in all kinds of ways. He's sure to be able to be of some help.
RJA, there was a thread about this. The guy from Tubesville modifies the Dunlavy speakers. Here's the thread about what he does.
I've never replaced a driver, but the two biggest tweeter/high freq. improvements one could obtain (aside from component upgrades) would be to:

1. aquire a performance-oriented racking system that applies the appropriate vibration handling methodology (along with associated peripherals).

2. Install proper AC line conditioning for each of your components.

Considering that your tweeter is probably better than average sonic quality already, if you address 1 and 2 above, you will most likely extract far greater realism than most any tweeter replacement can provide you.

Rja I have made extensive posts on Dunlavy mods.They are in the archives please check out these posts and contact me if you like..I welcome the inquiry..Tom
What components are you currently using? and what kind of improvments are you trying to make?