Sound improvments


Hello to everyone..
I have been very pleased with all my purchases made here on Audiogon, and after enjoying my setup for a while I went other day to a live blues concert "Eric Bibb" ....came home afterwards to miss that great presence and quality of sound from the live show. I guess nothing is as good as live but I'm ready for an upgrade and need some help.

My system consist of Quad 22l2 speakers, YBA Design YA201 Integrated Amplifier, and a Musiland md10 USB DAC. I use HTPC with lossless formats.

My RCA's from DAC to AMP are cheap Radio shack gold plated set. My speaker wire is also cheaper monster cable 12 ga running bi-wired to AMP. I am also running a stock power cable to AMP and DAC.

So my question is which one of these should I upgrade first to make the biggest difference? Or should I save more to upgrade from intgrated AMP?

Eric Bibb is a great artist. I'm envious.

I very much enjoyed the concert more than ever thought possible. What a great artist Eric is..just amazing. He gave me chills several times during the performance. Never thought a single man, with no help from a band could make such great music. Did not hurt that the hall had great acoustics as well, not bad for a little town here in Idaho.

I would not go to separates before I upgraded my cables, if I were you.

You don't need to save much to upgrade that Monster speaker cable. A set of Audioquest Type 4 would blow it away, I know from experience -- and it's biwire ready.

Your interconnects could go to the backup bin too. A very good one for a reasonable price is the Auricle Encore made by Joe Mazzaglia, you can find it here on the 'goN.

Those would let you hear a bit more of Mr. Bibb. I'm a fan too; long may he play.