Dual 1019 Cartridge placement

Long lost the guide for installing a new cartridge in a dual 1019 headshell.

Can anyone offer an opinion as to where the needle should be placed? how far from the front, obiviously in the center side to side.

Thanks, Andy
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The link may not come through. Go to vinylengine.com and search for the Dual 1019. All the manuals are available for free download.

Unfortunately everything but the cartridge aligner, thanks though.
Just print out one of the free universal protractors and use that for cartridge alignment. They are available on the same site.

If this uses the same drop in head shell as the 12 series, then the alignment jig used for over hand and centering is available right now on ebay. Search 'Dual Turntable"

I understand Bill at Fixmydual.com knows a lot about Dual-you may want to ask him. I'm currently involved in a contentious business transaction with him, but he loves Dual, from what I hear.