dti pro x 2

has anyone ever piggybacked these units and i wonder if it makes a differ to have two insted of one...i bought one and it is great for my set up i have another iwant to know how to wire these up and im using coax in and out
I think your going to like the results of piggy backing the 2 DTI PRO's. I run a similar set up with 2 Camelot Dragon mk2's. They are jitter busters like the DTI's only they will pass AC3 and DTS. I use them in my HT set up. You will notice even tighter bass and lower noise floors. Also when you add the second unit it adds a eery sense of spacious that is hard to describe.

You run the digital coax out from CD player to the first DTI PRO coax input.
Then run the coax output from the first DTI PRO to the coax input of your second DTI PRO
Then run the coax output from the second DTI PRO to your dac

cd out->>>1st DTI input/1st DTI out->>>2nd DTI input/2nd DTI output->>>to input on DAC

Here is some other worth while up grades. Get rid of the wall wart power supplies and try to pick up one of the full size units.I think they are PS3,s and PS4's

Contact Dusty Vartar at Channel Island Audio. He has the trick upgraded chips. Dusty's chip has different dithering for bass and treble. All the other chips have just a universal dithering. Dusty's are better

Get rid of the cheap BNC to RCA adapter that come with the units and get good quality BNC to RCA adapters, they have better insulators.( better dielectrics) Better yet get true 75ohm BNC terminated cables. Also you can link your 2 DTI's together with a I2bus cable. Again spend for the Audio Magic or Camelot pieces, better than the AA piece.

Your DTI PRO will run hot, the DTI PRO 32's run cooler.

If you have any questions email me the thur A/gon. I've had all the units DTI, DTI PRO, and DTI PRO 32 (32bit floating decimal unit) I'll be glad to help

One last thing REPORT back to the forum on you results

Doh svidahn'ya