Need help with DTI-PRO 32

I recently purchased a DTI-PRO 32 (without manual) to uprgade from a DTI-PRO (not 32). I can't figure out what the settings are. There seem to be 7. They are 1. all lights off 2. bottom light on 3. middle light on light on 5. top and bottom on 6. top two on 7. bottom two on.
I know there are 3 dither settings (maybe 4)- 18 bit, 20 bit and 24 bit. If anyone could tell me what the settings are or tell me how I can obtain a manual, that would be great! Thanks in advance.
I believe the lights go in the following

none,16bit,18bit,20bit,22bit,24bit,HDCD pass through
Anyone know where you can buy the "AD" revision chip?
I have found the DTI Pro to be a big improvement over the DTI 2.0.
I have been thinking about getting the Pro 32 to feed a Bel Canto Dac.
How much better sonically is the Pro 32 over the Pro?
Joe b,
I've had this unit less than 24 hours and have only been able to listen for an hour - and most of that time was spent scrolling through the "color combination" to determine what sounded the best. After "summitgnp" gave me the directions (THANKS!), I haven't had a chance to listen. Feel free to e-mail me and I'll give you the details (assoc. equipment,cables,music cuts, etc,). I'll need the weekend (at least) to evaluate it, though. For what it's worth, I was tied between three settings - before I was "enlightened" with the directions - 20 bit, 24 bit and HDCD. I do have a true 20-bit DAC but it doesn't have HDCD filtering - so go figure. Again, way to early to tell.
check with hcm audio at for the revision ad chip, they have them for $99
Here's the decoding chart as listed in the manual:

| HDCD | 16 | 18 | 20 | 22 | 24 | None |
| off | off | off | off | on | on | on |
| off | off | on | on | off | off | on |
| off | on | off | on | off | on | off |

Assuming you are beginning with all LEDs off, the sequence offered previously differs from the above chart, with "None" and "HDCD" being reversed.
Apparently, the "HDCD" setting performs jitter reduction, but not Resolution Enhancement or dithering to a fixed word length. According to Robert Harley, with the unit set to "None", the DTI PRO 32 "turns off the dither, but performs Resolution Enhancement. The output word length in this no-dither mode changes with the program source, with the algorithm deciding how many additional bits it can reliably interpolate."
If this is true, then the PRO 32 performs three different functions in various combinations: 1) Jitter reduction, 2) Resolution enhancement by interpolation, with output word length variable depending on source material, and 3) Dithering to a fixed word length.

So that you don't think anything is wrong with your unit:
"NOTE that if you have selected the HDCD position, the phase switch will be disabled and both of the PHASE LEDs will be on, assuring correct decoding of these discs by a properly equipped DAC."
Also, the relay you hear click about 30 seconds after "SECONDARY LOCK" is aquired, is the jitter filter switching to "5 Hz mode".
Sorry about my "chart" - it looked pretty good when submitted, but I guess the AudioGone word processor thought I was using up too much space with spaces. The sequences are still correct, but sadly, out of alignment.