Need help : Audax DTI-01 Tweeter for Snell Speaker

The only place to get a spare pair of these Titanium Metal Domes is from Snell. They want an absurd amount of money for a pair. At one time they sold for just about 100.00 per pair at Parts express. Madisound does not have them, nor does the North American Audax distributor. A few years back, a member here on Audiogon offered a pair for sale. Are you out there?? My speaker model is Snell CV. Type D uses the same tweeter too.
Have two. Replaced them with Vifas -the speaker is made by/for Harmon Industries and the label on the back so indicates. The Parts Express droid was evasive when I asked if they were REALLY Audax. What happens is the
magnet moves off center on the sandwich which holds it and pulls the voice coil out of line, then distortion results.
If you want my two, one is good and if you can figure out how to recenter the other magnet so would be the other.
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