Audio Alchemy DTI v2.0 with PS-2 or no?

After an extended absence due to illness, i must reassemble my stereo system. My DAC is a Parasound DAC-1600. Should i reinsert the AA DTI into the signal path? I've always read that less is better.
I have a DAC set-up and it is better with the dti.....of course you can have fun and try it with or without and then decide for yourself.................
I have an MSB Link Dac, and I've done extensive testing with and without my AA DTI Pro. At one time I actually preferred having no DTI and using just a Canare Digiflex cable. Later I realized that the DTI did improve, but
actually it was not an unqualified improvement. What I found was: without, the Dac sounded a little more open, dynamic, exciting. But unfortunately it lacked some subtlety. With the DTI there is more definition and the sound is more interesting -- you don't get bored with it. Unfortunately there is also an issue of the power supply to the DTI. I'm using a custom separate power supply from Monolithic that powers both my Dac and the DTI. And when I compared to a Power Station 3, the Monolothic was definitely the best power source -- I never used a PS2, so not sure.
I'd conclude with: yes, a jitter box does give you the best sound but you have to struggle with all the issues of digital cables, power, etc. and that is a real pain, in the end it was worth it for me but others might want a less complicated life.
No mistake you are gone make. By used DTI PRO 32 and
Monolith MPS power supply, suprise your self !!!!!!!!!
AA PS is werry basic comparing to the MPS !!!!
Go for it you be suprised with yhe impruvements!!!
Dont forget good digital cables, weery important !!!!
jitterboxes are interesting little things. I used to have a DTI-Pro, but it only came used with the PS2. Never tried a PS3 or PS4 with it. Yeah with any system, less is generally purer. but sometimes the positive effects of a jitterbox (jitter reduction, sonic character changes, etc) are more desireable than the negative effects (one more box, sonic character change, one more digitial interconnect). It just depends for you which is the worse evil. Really the only way to tell is to listen.