downsizing, anyone recommend speakers 1000 or less

Tax time forces me to downsize, I was wondering if anyone has had an pleasent suprises from a low price monitor or floor stander, used or new. Any comments?
I am using a sim audio I-5

Audio Advisor has the EPOS M12 for $600; reduced from $900. The EPOS is a superb monitor that could work well for you. It has been very well reviewed. I owned an earlier model (EPOS 11) for years and it was great with all types of music, especially vocals and acoustic instruments. Audio Advisor also has the Castle Durham 3 for $450 (50% off). At $450 or so, take a look at the NHT SB3 . Another superb monitor with excellent bass and it plays well with all types of music. It received a good review from Stereophile .

Regards, Rich
Green Mountain Europas.
Carlo have you heard Norh speakers,they are good. is their website.They have synthetic
marble 6.9 speakers for less than $1k, In my
opinion, I like them better than the totem model
1, and NO5,and to some Proac speakers less than 2k.
I own one.Even though they are in Thailand, their
service is better than the dealer accross the street.
Used Vandersteen 2ce Sigs.
Castle Conway's, also at Audio Advisor. price is about $1000 , was $2000. Thin floor standing. Very well reviewed in Hi Fi Choice and elsewhere( Hi Fi News I believe) and , I think , good looking. Stan
I will do some research on the recommended speakers
thanks to everyone for their opinion
Try to listen to some Audes Studio's, great monitors under 1k.
Soliloquy 5.0's