Does your system do things better in the dark?

I decided to sleep in the listening room and thought it was a good idea to fall asleep to music. My ex-friends tell me opera puts them to sleep so I thought why not try that.
I couldn't believe how good my system sounds in the dark at low volumes! Was I dreaming?
Anyone have the same experience?
Sad to say my girlfriend fell asleep on me, next time it'll be Madonna or Meatloaf.
Sorry about the passed out girlfriend....can't help you there. I can tell you marriage will increase the frequency of such events.

Now about the in the dark listening experience.....

No distractions-your hearing heightened by the decline of visual stimuli. Complete focus on music.

I listen that way a lot. But the change is not in the system, it's in the receptor :)

No distractions-your hearing heightened by the decline of visual stimuli. Complete focus on music.

I listen that way a lot. But the change is not in the system, it's in the receptor

My experience exactly.
When we remove ambient/artificial light from the listening experience, it is not surprising at all that the ears get more brain bandwidth via less visual distraction and hence the perceived quality of our systems and music software improves.
At times the electric circuit is quieter in the dark, particularly if there are can lights with transformers or dimmers on the line
A reduction of visual distractions definitely makes for a much better listening experience.

OK, OK, it's because the aether is thicker in the dark so that the aetherial vibrations travel better.
Bingo ,right on ther money. I always do comparisons at night. keith
AC is less dirty during the night
yeah, I discovered that some years ago. It enhances your hearing and make the soundstage more real. : )
Don't forget the old adage, "the freaks come out at night", so does you system.
My system dissapears!
My system is very shy when it comes to performing in the light! I always thought I was missing out on the full experience. One evening during a listening session I was on my way out of my room to take a little break....turned out the lights and instantaneously my system grabbed me and pulled me back into my listening sofa. My system totally opened up and was willing and able to perform what ever I wanted. From goose bump mids and highs to ass grabbing lows....I was getting the full treatment. Highly recommended but addictive.
I believe it's 3 things:

Less noise on the grid.
Less sensory input.

What I mean by attitude is demonstrated when I tell a visitng non-believer (non-audiophile) that they will appreciate the music more if they just relax & listen, in the dark.
If they can't even stop talking for at least a minute,
I believe they aren't even trying to relax & just listen.
If they can't seem to relax, I'll ask them to close their eyes, even in a dark room. If they debate this request,
I won't waste any more of my time trying to prove the point.
LOL Byfo, u are a sick puppy.
Enhanced focus on the music is likely 99% of it. In terms of the quality of the AC power, I wonder if people notice poorer sound in the middle of a heat wave when power demand is higher (assuming no brown out)?
Listening in the dark is essential. Luckily I discovered this early on. If you really want to experience crazy imaging and 3d life-like soundstage try smoking the pipe.
Neither Meatload or Madonna has fallen asleep on me.
No, I like to listen in a moderatly sun light room. I find it interesting to see where the sound originates from relative to other objects in the room and sometimes sounds appear to come from outside the room boundries. I find depth preception comes with the ability to see, not hear.
I like to know where the speakers are and am happy if the sound nevers appears to come from them, but from other points.
I am glad someone else brought this up. My systems have always sounded better at night. I attribute this to the electricity on the line coming into your home being quieter at night. I am positive it is not psycho acoustic.