Does Verity Parsifals mate well with solid?

Hi everyone, Im considering a pair of Verity Parsifals floorstandings from the used market. But after some research have found most of the setups are with tubes. Currenntly Im using Lexicon's MC8B, LX7 amp and Denon 5910 all with JPS cabling. My room is used equally as theater as for music.
Since I wont be able to test in my place, Im worried these speakers are not a good match for solids, please any info on this subject will be greatly appreciated.
I've used the Verity P/Es with both tube amps - Cary 805, ARC VT130SE - and SS - Krell KSA 50s and Odyssey Monos. The speaker sounds great (but somewhat different) with each amp. The Cary (especially with 845 output tubes) and Krell both tend toward darker presentation. The ARC, oddly, sounds comparitavely lush. The Odyssey is probably closest to neutral but I prefer the Cary w/211s and the ARC - depending on the program material.

Two words of caution - high current. Low power OTLs and SETs need not apply. I've tried each without success.

Since I don't know your amp at all I can't comment further.
I own the verity fidelio and have used them with both krell and jrdg ss amps to excellent effect.
I have a dear friend who is probably going to replace his Kharma 1.0's with a pair of Parsifal Ovations.He has a fairly small room,and is "slowly" realizing that the Kharmas are not a good match for that acoustic space.Especially since he listens close up,and there is a very forward sound(not bad though)to the Kharmas.I assume that since there is no type of damping material,on the front of the Kharmas,there IS on the front of the Verity(surrounding the drivers),that he will get a more laid back,and natural "STAGE" presentation,in the smaller room.Let alone the fact that the Veritys are superb.
Also,he has a Rowland 8t solid state amp.This IS a superb product,and actually has wonderful timbres and control.It is quite powerful,at 250 wpc.He did not consider the amp "matching factor" when he bought the Kharmas,and I hope it mates well with the Verity Ovations.It should.

I have mentioned the Magico Mini to him,as a very good match,for amp and room,but his mind is made up regarding the Verity design.

Any thoughts?
First great choice in speakers, I own a pair of the Parsifal Encores and they are truly a great speaker. I am using all Joule Electra components (JE Heaven’s Gate Monos 70 WPC SET, LA 100 MkIII pre, OPS1 phono, Audiomeca Mephisto II.X CD). Tubes do match very well with the Verity’s and this combo is a perfect match. During the summer months I switch to a BAT 5i and VK200 solid state amp due to the heat issue. I prefer tubes but you still get very good results with quality solid state amp.
Sirspeedy: Nearfield listening in a small space, how about the Ultimate Monitors by Audio Machina? Sealed box design should also present less room problems. Also he should consider the Acapella Fidelio II's.
The only time I heard the Parsifals was on Krell SS amp and it didn't stop me from falling in love with their sound. The price did, well actually not the price as much as my budget.
I own the fidelio encores and it matches well with the musical fidelity kw500
I also bought my Parsifals on the used market, and didn't get to try them at home first (although I had listened to Fidelios I'd borrowed for a weekend). When I first got them, I was running a Krell KSA-300 I used to drive Thiel CS7s. They sounded good with solid state, and I don't think you'll be unhappy. But........when I replaced the Krell with tube monoblocks (Nagras), they just sounded that much better.
Hi. I solely used tubes, big Joule Electra OTL amps with my Parsifals. A good match. The person who purchased these speakers used solid state amps and felt the match was superb. I did not hear it but he raved and raved.

If it helps, I will dig around some old emails to see if I can find which amps he used.
Thank you all your advise. I spoke to the owner and it happened he lives close by and was willing to borrow them for few days. Last night I hooked them and the sound was good, and still have not played with placement nor woofer facing. In few days I'll post my experience .

i have the parsifal encore and i mate them with an all mark levinson gears, no.32, 33h, 390s and 30.6. hope this helps since you're also using a lexicon amp.
I've been using parsifals (recently updated) with both a transistor class A amp and a SET (KR audio) amp. I have a large room and, with the right associated equipment, I get better freq extension, with 98% of the midrange glory, with the solid state amp. I'd advise an excellent tube preamp though. The KR audio amp is amazing at how loudly it plays and how deep the bass goes for just 12-20 watts/channel, but I would take the SS amp if made to choose just one forever.

Yes they do, I've heard them with Ayre seperates, Nagra solid and tube and with my Lavardin IT. The Ayre c5-xe was a good match with my Lavardin and the Parsifal in case you are also looking to change your source. As a general rule, give all the resolution you can give to the parsifal and they will take care of the musicality.

Other point, you said you will use the Parsifal in your home theater/music room. As I have experienced, the parsifal work better in a environnement that is not "overdamped" such a home teater room.
Althought the construction, design of these speakers are superb, I will have to keep looking. These Parsifals didnt make the sound I expected, music was not uniformly correct. Probably because of room damping, as Windsurfer mentioned. Im now looking at Kharma 3.1, these I wont be able to auditon, but people are talking wonders about them with music. But have any one experience a Kharma Home theater setup?(I read they make center channel / surrounds). Also, any other speaker suggestion is welcome.
Thankyou once again..
I owned Kharma 3.1s and sold them to buy Parsifal Encores. The Verity’s are in a totally difference league than the 3.1s. I tried numerous amps with the 3.1s and the only one that really made these sing were OTLs. Other tubes amps were pretty good, not too bad but not great either. Solid state amps did not work very well. These speakers don’t have a lot of bottom end and their sound is very detailed and neutral but can get very bright and harsh. They seem to lack body. If I were you I would definitely audition these before you lay down any money for these. My guess is if you didn’t like the Parsifals, these won’t do it either. E-mail me if you would like to discuss this further.
That can be the room or the speakers placement. The Parsifal's are very dependant of placement. Also, they might not be the speaker that will impress you at first listen. I have never heard the Kharma, can't help you for that.

Good luck!