Does Pass Aleph 3 heat up the room like tube amp?

Could any of your Aleph 3 owners tell me how hot is the amp running? Does it heat up the room like tube amps do?

I currently own a Diavolo SET amp which make my smallish room pretty toasty! I didn't had that problems with my old 300B amp before.

Keep the door open while listening is not an option as my 2 year old's room is near by.
Remember: 1. Real class A draws full current at all times.
2. They will be at best 25% efficient
3. Therefore at idle they will be putting out 4x their rated output in heat,

So if your amp is rated at 25 watts per channel then it will be putting out 200 watts at idle, less when it is driving the speakers. My experence with other Class A amps tells me that you had better check one out personaly if possible to see if the heat will be too much, I am afraid that it would be.
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I had a PS Audio P300 conditioner on demo from my local Wilson/Rowland dealer. Stanwal is right on.
Using the watt display on the P300, my Aleph 30 drew a little over 200 watts on start-up, and stabilized at 180 watts constant draw after 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, the temp & sound stabilized.
When I had my Aleph 3 & Aleph 30, I'd leave either one on 24/7 in my bedroom system here in Phoenix. From mid September until mid March, I didn't run my heat pump unless it got really cold. Either Aleph amp ran warm enough to heat my bedroom.
Right now, I have an Adcom 5400 in my bedroom system, driving Usher BE718s. The Adcom runs cool enough to leave on constantly, and sounds good enough to me to do summer duty.
Yes, it is class "A" runs warm/hot. It's a nice amp. Sounds good after a half an hour... to an hour. So turn it off. No problem. (Mine sounded good with Audioquest Viper interconnects.) Good luck. Catagory: Probably shouldn't have sold it.
Thanks guys. Glad I asked. Look like I have to stay away from Plinius, Pass Labs & Clayton!

Any good cool running amps should I look at? I tried an Old Rotel amp from my HT system, it sounded really bad!
my experience has been that if you choose a system based on the heat that it makes (or doesn't), the sound will reflect that.

If the heat issue is really that bad, look into class D amps.

There are probably other alternatives though. You could vent the heat out of the room via the ceiling or a vent near the ceiling. Or you could use more efficient speakers and run a smaller amp.
My DNA-500 used to run pretty cool and I kept it on all the time. It would be worth auditioning.
Some of the amps on offer from the companies you mention offer a switch that lowers the bias and allows the amp to run a bit cooler when not in use or not being used for critical listening. Didn't know if you were aware of that or if it would make a difference, but just thought I'd mention it since I didn't see it mentioned above.
Kentchai, Plinius now makes class A/B amps that they claim sound "frighteningly close" (see their website) to their Class A amps.

I own a Plinius SA 201 and it sounds great to me. I have not been able to compare it to their Class A amps. To my ear its sound falls on the warm, musical side of the spectrum, which is what I think you are looking for with a class A amp. It runs warm but not hot.
I changed from an Aleph 3 to a 22watt SET, now that is hot. The Aleph 3 you can put your hand on for 10-15 seconds, the SET less. The SET in practice produces far more heat, it is useable, with some discomfort, in the Summer. I never kept either on all the time. The SET of course you would'nt and I agree with Truman, the Aleph 3,warms up to a good performance, quickly.

I absolutely do'nt want to reopen arguments about world resources, but personally, I find it difficult to waste electricity, sourced from fossil fuels, leaving a class A amp on all the time. Other people think differently I know, that's up to them

My Diavolo 13 watt Set is probably not as hot as your Viva.
How does the ALeph 3 sound compared to the Viva?
No comparison I am afraid. I loved the Aleph 3, but the Viva outperforms it in every area, except electricity consumption. Better control of the speakers, more transparent, better base, more neutral. Mind you it should be better, it is more than twice the price, although it does include an active Pre of course

That's the answer I am afriad to hear. When I first bought the Diavolo, I didn't feel like it was a significant improvement over my old Bottlehead 300B amps. Everything was better but only marginal. Last night, I swapped in my old amps for a listen, it was pretty unlistenable.

Now I am concern that SS amp will be much worse that I am spoiled!