Does anyone know how you can get any parts for a Pro-ac speaker ?

I own 5 pairs of Pro-ac speakers and everyone of them is missing at least one of the attaching posts that hold the grill on...After spending hours trying to fine a USA pro-ac distributor I have come to Audiogon for help....
I assume you already tried to contact The Sound Organisation in Dallas TX. ?

Griffin Audio in Montreal may be able to help too if you cant get a hold of the folks in Dallas.
partsexpress sell them cheap in 2 sizes, could be the same kind. Cheers,
I already have a bunch of the wrong size from Madisound.....The folks in Dallas want pictures of the ones I don't have....You would think that as easy as they break that the folks in Dallas would know what I'm talking about....Of the five pairs of Proac's I have they are all the same......One of the guys wanted me to use the "Velcro".....I already have some Wilson's with the "Velcro" and they won't stay on either.....All I need is the simple plastic Proac device and I'd be home free.........Thanks
I'd be making the long distance phone call direct to England and eliminate the incompetence.  You'd think a ProAc dealer would be able to source them without difficulty.  
Mike if I thought that would work I would give it a try.....Its absolutely crazy you can't get a few little clips to hold the grill on one of suppose able great speakers........Same thing with my Wilson Cubs, 5000.00 speakers and no way to keep the grills from falling off .......A guy might as well put a big gob of silicon in the corners and call it good........One of the Proac guys thought that Velcro was the answer.......?!?!  
Not sure what ProAcs you own but these pegs look almost identical to the pegs on my Response 2.5’s. I measured the  ball diameter on my pair and its 0.225 in. The ball diameter of the peg I linked to below is .just 005 in. larger. They Might work, I’m unsure of the other measurements but at 41 cents each I’d buy a couple just to try.

Mike , The ones you are showing me are correct except they are not long enough...I have some of those........Thanks for your information anyway..........The one's for the Response 2.5 are the same as the one's I need....Thanks
Sorry, I forgot you mentioned the Madisound pegs already.

The pegs in the link below should work, I measured mine with my digital caliper and found the shank from the flange to the ball tip to be 16 mm long and the ball 5.70 mm in diameter as opposed to 6 mm in the pegs I linked to but I suspect they have compressed the .3 mm over the years.

There are detailed dimensions in the item description.

Mike   You are the man.....I just bought 40 of these and they look mighty close......It's a little crazy to have to buy these from China when you can't get them from Proac.....Or maybe that's where Proac gets them.......I'll let you know..........Will
Yes, let me know please,  I cringe every time I remove the grills,  it would be nice to know I can get proper replacements.
Hey autospec
 Great speakers
Please let us know how you made out.
If no good I will order in a couple dozen in to have around.
 Best JohnnyR
 Proac dealer
Johnny Proac dealer :    Where are you located ??   I would still rather have the have the original proac parts........Will
Johnny at Audio connection, Are you going to have some of these ??  If so I won't use the ones I have which have to be redrilled and the speaker cloth has to be removed to do that.......It seems like so much work to fix something that a 1.00 part would fix.....What is wrong with a company that would go to so much trouble to make a good customer into a bad customer, it doesn't make any sense to me........Will
 E mail me at the website and i will put some aside for you next order
             Cheers JohnnyR
Johnny:  For some reason I can't get a e-mail to you........It seems that if you don't spend at least 4 days trying to get a 5.00 piece of plastic that your just wasting time...........How do they sell any speakers ???     Thanks Will