Do you use tube dampers on the super tube?

Just got my first 6H30 based preamp. Was wondering if using tube dampers on the supertube makes sense.

I've used Herbie's Hal-O 9 tube dampers in my previous tube preamps, which were all 6922 based. And with the Herbies in place, I did notice results such as a bit of a cleared up soundstage and a touch more precision in image placement. Not at all night and day difference with the dampers, but that's what I noticed...or at least thought I did.

Anyway, so do you use the dampers on 6H30 tubes or not?
If you do, what are the effects of the dampers on the sound of the H30 tubes.

I do know that Herbie's Audio Labs offers money back. I can try them and it will cost me just the shipping if I don't notice any positive effect with the dampers. This isn't the issue. I'm interested in what you have noticed with the dampers...or not

Thanks for the thoughts.
I can't provide you with first hand A/B comparisons however, a close listening buddy of mine uses Herbies dampers on his AR Reference 110. He had mentioned that the soundstage improved greatly in terms of being holographic with no significant change in tonality.

Worst condition? You return them after 90 days. I would suggest trying them for few weeks...... Then remove them! That would probably provide the most accurate indication of their effectiveness.

How much you wanna bet you won't send them back? :>)
I currently use the new herbie's halo tube dampers on my 6h30's(LS-25 mkII)and they do improve the sound. As you mentioned above, it is not a night and difference but it will be similar to what you experienced with the 6922's.
As the gentleman stated above, I bet you won't send them back.
I also use Herbie's tube dampers in my BAT. I can't recall hearing much of a difference though.

preamp in subject is BAT 51SE. I just got it.

Herbie's have new type of tube dampers now. They are quiet different from the Hal-O I used before, called Ultrasonic9. There are 8 tubes in this preamp, so these things will run me about $120 including shipping.
I guess I'll try them at some point later, as I am still getting used to the different sound I have now. Just want to get more familiar with this preamp first to get better idea what the dampers do.

Thanks all who answered.