Do you care about car audio?

I like nice cars and I appreciate the fact that I've been fortunate enough to lease and drive some very nice ones.  I would never drive a luxury car out of warranty, but that's not my point.  My point is, as much as I love audio, I never really had any urge to upgrade my car audio system.  Whatever came with the car was totally satisfactory to me.  Right now, my car came with a somewhat upgraded Meridian stereo, but it is not the full-blown surround/subwoofer deal.  It sounds fine and I've never wanted more than a standard decent car radio had to offer.  
Do you people have any enthusiasm for upgraded car audio as opposed to stock?  Then again, truth be told, I've never listened to the fancy car setups and I might be tempted if I thought it was that much more enjoyable.  Who knows. 
i can't really put it in the same aural category as home audio until and unless technology totally solves the noise problem.
I've said this in this forum before, so if you've heard it, bear with me.

Back in the 90s, Richard Clark had two cars that were simply incredible on the IASCA circuit. A Cadillac and a Buick Grand National. The GN was the later car for him. But you could be sure of one thing. If you were competing in his power class and you saw the Grand National roll off the trailer (yes, it was trailered to every show), you knew the best you could do on that day was 2nd place.

Those cars opened my eyes to what was possible with high end audio in a car cabin. Still some of the best sound I've heard anywhere, including many high end home systems.


To all questioning the sounds different in my car. Here is an example. I am a big Soundgarden fan and like to turn it up when they come on the radio in my car. But when i play them at home on my reference system all the flaws in the production seem to stand out and they just don’t sound as good. I guess what i am saying is that some artists or songs just sound better on a not so good system. Its like my old sansui 7070 and Bose 901’s there were bands that would sound good on that system that don’t sound good on my current class a mono’s and vandersteins. Not getting into the weeds of why just what my ears are telling me.
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"i can't really put it in the same aural category as home audio until and unless technology totally solves the noise problem."
There is hope...

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