Do I NEVER shut it off…?

Gryphon says in the instruction manual to leave the amp on. (Diablo 300) 

It sounds amazing and never shuts down, but gets almost too hot to touch on certain parts of the side heat syncs. 
Really…? Leave it on all the time…?

What do you guys think…?

Thank you…!
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preamp tubes also can get short when go bad and cause unexpected fire hazard issues.
always better safe than sorry.
The only piece of audio equipment that ever came close to starting a fire was a carver receiver I had in the late 1980's, it shot a big flame out the top cover, so I suppose if I would have put a magazine on top of it there might have been a fire.
I had this exact question regarding my First Watt J2. So I called Nelson Pass. He said what turns his amp on earlier in the day if he knows he’s going to listen to it.     
So that’s what I do.    

If Nelson says so, I don’t need no freakin science.     😀
g_nakamoto - Standby is actually like off. If you want the best sound a 1 hour warmup should be fine.
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