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Ribbon cable inside amplifiers
@donavabdear  not true even my 30 year old krell amp has beryllium copper buss bars for the output stage.  
Single input tube preamp
@dwolek perhaps you should look up true point to point wiring on the diy audio forum. There are no turret boards or terminal strips in true point to point wiring. A lot of old electronics equipment was done this way and lasted longer than most mod... 
Single input tube preamp
I own a space tech Labs qa112 preamp and super rectifier and a space tech Labs DAC I bought them all used and have them powered up 24/7 for years now and never have any problems with them. They sound great and are very easy on tubes.   
Best Options For A Tubed Preamp - $2500 Or Less, Preferably Used To Maximize Value
If you can think outside the box of mainstream audiophile tube preamps, you should check out space tech Labs. The designer will answer the phone and ask questions about your current equipment and your sound preferences, then will design around tha... 
Robert Plant
@tkukielk  why would you let some jerks make up your mind for you?  
Sound Stage and Imaging
I have a pair of apogee duetta 2 speakers, and a pair of Polk audio SDA 2a speakers, and the polks have a bigger soundstage than the apogees, but not by much. If I were you I would look for an upgraded pair of Polk sda 2.3tl speakers. The polks ca... 
Have we lost civility and respect on Audio forums?
@scottwheel  Toole's listening test were flawed, he positioned every different kind of speaker in the same location.   
Experiences With Costly Balanced XLR Interconnects Above $3,000
Next year most audio manufacturers will have a better preamp, better amp, better DAC, and better speakers.  
Need an amp upgrade suggestion..... But not the usual upgrade request :-)
@jasonbourne71 most solid state amps do clip on transients, it might not be up to 1% but with solid state very low levels of high harmonic distortion can be heard by the human ear.  
Tubes, tone, and old age.
@noromance +1  
Has buying and/or selling audio gear changed?
@carlsbad2  you always had to deal with them, there has always been a capital gains tax for this stuff, the only difference is a paper trail now. What is the difference? You would still have trouble if you put the money in the bank from a sale pre... 
Has buying and/or selling audio gear changed?
What difference does it make if it's $20,000 or $600 if you are not making a profit it shouldn't matter.  
Mastering legend Bernie Grundman explains why the measurement crowd has it all wrong!
Measurements aren't taken in the real world and the way the equipment is used, it's usually taken in isolation, not the system as a whole with music.  
Anyone has a reference system where amplification is SS ?
@yoyoyaya  different solid state devices sound different, but can still measure as transparent. There really is no transparent audio equipment.  
Anyone has a reference system where amplification is SS ?
@pennfootball71  how can a tube amp leak DC, when DC doesn't pass through an output transformer, which most tube amps have.