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Millercarbon's Mega Moab Mod Meander
parker65310I have a pair of apogee duetta 2 speakers also, so I know what you mean about loosing that sound. With this crossover upgrade are the caps still going to be a bunch of small value or just a bigger value cap. Apogee used small value caps... 
So done with audiophile fuses
No way am I going to using a fuse in my equipment rated above the specified rating.I don't advise it either, I was just making a point that the insurance company does pay claims for situations like this. 
So done with audiophile fuses
Nobody has to lie, insurance companies cover these things¬† 
So done with audiophile fuses
You condone lying about it.I did not say to lie, I said what if you were new to audio and bought a used amp that had an aftermarket fuse of a higher value. That's not lying if you didn't know.¬† 
So done with audiophile fuses
Using a different, higher value fuse to get better performance from an amplifier is stupid. You might burn your house down...from what we have learned through electrical engineering.I never said to use a higher value fuse, I said the insurance com... 
So done with audiophile fuses
What you are espousing is modern day blood-letting. Not very good practice. Have we not learned anything through the sciences? Or has everything just gone back to how you feel about it? Explain to me how my comment about an insurance company payin... 
So done with audiophile fuses
If you cause a fire in your house one day, you will not get a penny from your insurance company if they find out, which they will.I think you are using scare tactics, an insurance company would pay. What if you just got into audio and bought a use... 
So you think wire conductors in cables are directional? Think again... it's being said the current doesn't flow through the conductor, but the spaces between the conductors.If you would read the posts you would have known that the electromagnetic wave travels through the spaces between the conductor and the... 
So you think wire conductors in cables are directional? Think again...
Ohno continuous cast 
So you think wire conductors in cables are directional? Think again...
Engineering wise, conductor signal direction makes no sense, especially since we are talking about AC signals that change directions anyway.Doesn't the electromagnetic wave propagate away from the source? 
Why is science just a starting point and not an end point?
Bob Carver accepted the amplifier challenge from Stereophile, many years ago, and won. He showed that he could duplicate the sound of an expensive amplifierThen why is he making tube amps now. 
Class D amps that are superior to all or most?
I would think there would be less class a solid state amps, than tube amps. Seems like manufacturers are getting away from class a solid state. 
Is $2,844 too much to pay for a fuse?
Most of the fuses in audio equipment is there as a safety measure not to protect the equipment, but to prevent fire. A fuse might blow before damage to the equipment but that's not what the primary purpose is. 
Classical music listening... what is a better source High Rez or Vinyl?
I don't own a vinyl rig, but one thing I have noticed listening to others vinyl rigs is the symbols always sound more natural to me than on any digital I've ever heard. 
What do we hear when we change the direction of a wire?
If there is a difference in sound when you change the direction of wire, I wonder if it would be measurable if all the wire in the complete system were orientated in the correct direction? I'm talking about the wire in the components as well as th...