Do I need a power transformer?

I will be getting a Keces balanced power transformer as a trade in from an audio upgrade transaction. I will be getting the new Keces 3600. It is their top of the line balanced power transformer. I’ve been told that unless I have obvious noise in my system that I probably don’t need it and that I would probably have better sound without it. As I am getting it regardless I suppose I can try it with the Keces and without but what is the common rule of thumb regarding power transformers. I am currently using a Hydra 6 for everything except my amp where I am using a Hydra2. I don’t perceive  noise. Will I get benefits with the new Keces balanced power transformer?

I say you will hear an improvement, unless you can hear a buzz. I'm not familiar with that unit.
Recently the new Supernova power cord transformed my system. Before that Townshend Podiums transformed my Moab speakers. This all began several years ago when the Herron phono stage transformed my front end. Therefore, based on my experience, the more transformers, the better.
I am getting the Keces so I will give it a go. If it’s an improvement that would be nice if not then I will sell it. Either way the excercise to try will be fun.
The Keces is amazing. I love it. It improves the sound in every way. Worth waiting for and highly recommended.