Do I need a center channel?

Hello all. I wanted to ask this question again, a little differently.

I listen to 80% 2 channel / 20% HT. I have a very solid center image off my two channel. When I watch HT I'm generally alone and sitting right in the sweet spot. Will I gain anything by adding a center? I would just like to know if a well integrated 3.0 system will preform better than 2.0 system for a solo user?
Absolutely not! Stereo playback of home theater beats phony 5.1 surround sound every time.

Why should all the dialog be in the center???

5.1 is also crap in most spots in a theater, why bring that home!
I do agree with Don_c55 about not needing a center speaker for movies especially for solo viewers sitting in the sweet spot. A quality system with a phantom center can sound really good for movies as well as music. But, a well executed 5.1,7.1,7.2,etc. system can sound as good or better for HT, IMO.

"Why should all the dialog be in the center???"

Because the screen is in the center.

I'm like you, Michaelingdom, and all I have is a 2 channel set up and it works just fine.
If you sit in the middle, no.
Don't think you would gain anything and depending on your amplification and center channel speaker, you could end up taking a step back.

Forget it.

I use 2 channel HT and to be blunt think the rear channels are simply gimmicky. A good stereo setup images more than well enough to make the center channel redundant. It saves you money overall and by getting better 2ch components sounds better to me as well. For example listening to HT I use a NAD M51 DAC and have yet to find any HT processor/receiver to touch it sound quality wise. And I have other DAC's without the connectivity of the NAD that is better again.

I checked out a supposedly good HT receiver, an Anthem, and to be blunt its SQ was ordinary, very ordinary indeed. High quality 2ch is the way to go.

I also play more stereo than 5.1. But the centre was more important than I thought. It is in 5.1 the most used channel. Wenn you have a matched centre the integration and natural sound is a lot better than without. I use a Monitor Audio Platinum centre. Monitor Audio is a brand which make one of the best crossovers. The advantage is that it can build the stage also far behind the centre like the best highend speakers can. With this extra depth you get stunning results in a much more 3-dimensional sound. Most people use brands with poor or average crossovers. You get often a very direct and what I call 2-dimensional sound.
I have far over 1000 cd's, but also a lot of Bluray music dvd's. Many stereo clients of me are amazed by the quality of it. It is often in superior quality compared to cd. Also with stereo you can get an exeptional deep and wide stage. But it depends on the electronics and speakers you use. Most brands cannot give a very deep and wide stage as only a few of the best can. A 3-dimensional image is the most stunning and convincing part in highend sound. I play about 5 metres behind my speakers and even 1 metre beside. I use Pass amps because they can give a wide and deep stage. And Monitor Audio loudspeakers because they are superior in crossovers, respons and timing as well compared to there competitors.