Do I go from a Primaluna HP Integrated to Schiit Freya+ and a pair of Aegir Amps?

So, In the quest for bigger, better, faster, louder...etc.
I am considering going Hybrid with a Schiit "Freya+" tube pre amp and pair of Class A Schiit "Aegir" amps...well as they say, better than Class A!
Anyhow, interested in the dynamics of solid state and the sonics of tubes up front, opinions please...I am thinking that hybrid without Class D amps, and using something more pure might work well........

Thank you boys and girls....

Study the link I gave and follow it to the letter don’t forget to remove the jumper links on the speakers, and double check everything before turning on.

If you have two amps the same, and your speakers like you have that have mid/high speaker terminals and bass speaker terminals then vertical bi-amping is the way to go.

BTW: You need a Y adapter on the preamp left and right outputs
Like these

Cheers George

The comments about Schiit products are silly...they enjoy a fine reputation in the audio world and don't "degrade" over time to any degree differing from other brands, if at all. All of the Schiit components I own work perfectly and have been examples of clever engineering and solid build quality that other manufacturers can only imagine as they lose market share to Schiit's USA made yet often far less costly world class components.
I agree with Wolf_Garcia! I think the Schiit combo is going to work out for me more than the PL. I have heard that the Auto Bias system is the death of the tube sound and is fluctuating as much as 15mA, has anyone else heard if that is correct?
You may want to consider Decware instead of the above.  I admit I haven't heard the Schitt gear you mention, but I have heard the PrimaLuna and many other amps in my system as I am  a dealer (was a PrimaLuna dealer and had that unit).  The Decware (and I am NOT a dealer for him) by and large fried all the competition. I have his Zen triode SET amp (SE341.5) modified with Jupiter Beeswax caps and have it bridged to mono which give 12W Class A per channel.  His power supplies are huge, and the amps sound like they are on batteries.  I am driving Quad 57's with them-not your most efficient speaker-and they do all the volume I need, with delicacy, huge soundstage, depth through the wall, and tight bottom end.  Admittedly subs handle 60Hz on down.  Everyone that has heard them will or are going to buy some of his products.  They are dirt cheap for the performance.  I also got the OTL tube preamp w the same caps, and I spent all in $6400 with shipping.  My previous setup I had 3 times that invested and the Decware beat it.
Good Luck on your search.
This seems more like a sideways move to me. A few gains will be had due to going to separates but that primaluna is a great integrated so I don't know if it will be a big improvement as much as a different sound. If you are trying to get as much performance as possible then yeah by all means separates all the way! Enjoy your new set up.