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Have you changed your mind about a brand? Was it you, or them?
Focal. I only ever heard great things about them and I dreamed of owning a pair as my first hifi speakers. After 12 months of system changes and moving up the focal line I discovered that their tweeters are not to my tastes.  
Aesthetix Atlas Compared to Pass Labs XA30.8
The midrange and high end on the xa30.8 are magical. The bass is great but if there has to be a week point of the amp it is the bass. It isn't about heart pounding room shaking bass the xa30.8 is about accurate sounding bass. As well if you dont k... 
The imperfect amp: Pass or Ayre?
Every amp is imperfect. Pass amps just happen to be imperfect in a pleasing way. To my ears they sound amazing with the right speakers. If your goal is neutral reproduction then look elsewhere. 
PS Audio Gain Cell pre/DAC or C-J Premier 14
Not 100% what you are looking for but... I used to own the NuWave DSD DAC from PS Audio and about 6 months ago I upgraded to the PS Audio Gain Cell Dac (GCD). The GCD is better than the NuWave DSD to my ears. The NuWave is good but it was a little... 
Pass XA25 or Pass XA 30.8
I own an xa30.8 and it is amazing. Plenty of power... way more than 30 watts. I found that 4 ohm speakers tend to sound better than 8 ohm speakers on my amp.  
You've tried other amps and ended with Pass, please discuss
I have owned amps from Bryston, Atoll, Sanders, Marantz and now a pass labs xa30.8. All of these amps drove magnepan .7s to good levels but none of them connected me more emotionally to the music than the pass labs amp did. After discovering that ... 
30 Watts of class A power: What Speakers are you using and suggesting?
@three_easy_payments: That makes sense! It is easily the best amp I have ever owned.  
30 Watts of class A power: What Speakers are you using and suggesting?
I recently discovered my pass labs xa30.8 sounds amazing with 4 ohm or difficult loads. That is what I tend to stick to now.  
4 ohm (or 6) Bookshelf speakers. Pass Labs 30.8
@mplstereo: i have the xa30.8 and it sounds good driving 8 ohm loads. However, when driving difficult 4 ohm loads it becomes a whole new amplifier. I much prefer 4 ohm speakers with mine. I have had amazing success with the elac uni fi or adante r... 
This new McIntosh integrated looks like a winner
This thing looks like the ideal integrated... tube pre section and a strong solid state amp all in one!  
Do I go from a Primaluna HP Integrated to Schiit Freya+ and a pair of Aegir Amps?
This seems more like a sideways move to me. A few gains will be had due to going to separates but that primaluna is a great integrated so I don't know if it will be a big improvement as much as a different sound. If you are trying to get as much p... 
Help looking for dynamic warm romantic sound with detail
First of all, I do not think you need tubes to get what you are looking for. I agree with some of the other comments... B&W CM10 probably won't fit the bill for what you are looking at. Throw as much of your money as you can at your speakers a... 
Dynaudio Special 40 vs Focal 1008 be vs Other
I owned the Focal 1008be for a brief period... kept them for a couple of weeks and ran them 24/7 but they were like icepicks stabbing my ears. I know for a fact it wasn't my gear that affected the sound. Easily the least enjoyable speaker I have y... 
Speakers for a small room
@daveyf I thought it was decent sized as well but there is something about it that doesn't agree with me. I a currently looking at some special 40's and a pair of t5i's. Time will tell what I settle on.@mktmkt: I will give the digital EQ readings ... 
Speakers for a small room
I am digging up this old thread of mine to post an update. I have come to the conclusion that my room nodes are severely affecting my enjoyment and resulting in some compromises. When my speakers are brought out into the room (approx 4 ft or so) I...