Do all tubes glow

In my CDP the two 6922 tubes glow and the two E83CCS do not glow but are hot, and the unit seems to play fine. Thoughts?
In my CDP the 6922's glow brightly but 12AX7's emit very little light. Hey, do we have the same CDP?
Romulus Eclipse. On standard Romulus all four glow the same
Just looking at old threads. Looks like we do. The lack of glow worried me at first. Never saw a tube not glow 
Some tubes do not emit  a glow.
My EML  XLS and Takatsuki  300b tubes don't.
They both sound  superb regardless.
What tubes are you using?
Currently I've got a pair of old Mullard 12AX7 and a pair of Telefunken 6922. Figured I'd let the English and Germans fight it out one more time in my CDP.
Starting with a new Jim McShane set of Gold Lion, have some Baldwin and Nat'l Union to try. I'm new at trying tubes...awesome CDP
Did you get volume control?
No, I run the CD and TT through a Pass XP20. You have the volume control? I've only had the CDP a few days, had the standard Romulus before,,,
Curious rja if the new tubes break in only while playing music, or simply by having the player turned on?
Most do, Sovtek 12ax7LPS barely do though, it's hard to see but they do.
Yes mine has volume control. As far as I know the tubes would only be breaking in while on not when the unit is in standby.
Thanks rja, Do the tubes break in simply by having the player on, or only when music is being played? Thanks...
I think they’re breaking in any time juice is flowing through them. So if they’re glowing even with no music they’re breaking in.
Caveat: I'm no expert on this. If I'm wrong I hope someone corrects me.