DISCOGS: Music recommendations inspired by standout albums of 2022

The Discogs community is always searching for new music, especially the kind of songs that are similar to your favorite artists and albums – which is why Discogs is introducing a new type of music recommendation for fans of the most celebrated albums of the year.

These recommendations were selected through a unique combination of Discogs data, pop charts, streaming numbers, algorithm proposals, and human curation. 
Popular releases include:

  • Taylor Swift’s Midnights, the most collected album
  • Harry’s House by Harry Styles, the most wanted album
  • Wet Leg’s self-titled album, one of 2022’s breakout debuts
  • Impera by Ghost, the most popular metal record 
  • Danger Mouse and Black Thought’s Cheat Codes, praised as one of the year’s best rap albums
  • And more!



Every one of those has me wondering yet again, where are the Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Joe Higgs etc of today? 

What a turnoff. The title says it all, Discogs is only interested in appealing to one demographic.

But since it was posted on this forum, I clicked on it and found there are different genres and styles of music that may appeal to a much wider audience. Not bad, but so many people will pass on this based on the title page.

I got one of them from Discogs, too. I'll check out some of their recommendations. If I want Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, or Neil Young, I'll listen to Joni, Bob, or Neil, but personally, I want something contemporary today, not a rehash of yesterday. 

   I received the promo also, as I have an account at Discdogs. Yes we get plastered with marketing promos , but if we find something new we like it’s worth wading through the ones we don’t. Nothing is more enjoyable than finding new music that is personally appealing. Other sources for me are  recommendations from my adult children and creating a random playlist on Tidal based on an artist I already like. What’s funny is , most of the new music I discovered, were established artists that I overlooked. This week it’s Brandi Carlile , and she’s hardly new. Another great source are AGON members creating threads about one’s favorite performers in genres I lack knowledge, like jazz and classical. We live in the era of “ Click Bait “, and by having an open mind and a positive attitude I can ignore the BS and occasionally be rewarded with a new music morsel. Happy Hunting , Mike B.