Most well rounded LS3/5A-inspired speaker?

LS3/5A and their ilk are known for their midrange purity. They give extension on both ends and dynamics, from what I gather. 

Which LS3/5A type speaker overcomes these shortfalls (bass, treble, dynamics) best while maintaining (at least most of) that midrange heritage?
Harbeth P3SR! Excellent midrange and a more extended bass and treble! 
Harbeth HLP3es was an earlier version of the above. 
Of the ones that I have owned the Harbeths are my favorite!
The LS3/5a had a very complicated crossover, which was both good and bad. Bad because it sucked up so much power. Good for the midrange, though.
What about the more affordable options like the Spendor A1 and ProAC Tablette 10? My understanding is that they've been designed to modernize ie extend the bass response of the LS3/5A? 
You know the only true way to know is to listen for yourself.   That said, the expensive little Harbeth's, are pretty darned mellow.