Discography of JVC K2 discs?

Does anyone know where a list of titles JVC has issued with the K2 process might be? I've looked here and on the JVC website, but no luck.
Are these the same as the various XRCD (xrcd, xrcd2, xrcd24)discs released by JVC and others based on JVC's technology?
According to JVC the k2 process is not suppose to be as advanced as the JVC XRCD process. XRCD's cost significantly more than k2's as well. I've read elsewhere in audio forums that the XRCD process is not vastly superior in sonics when compared to the k2 discs. I have k2's that I enjoy but I have not purchased XRCD's primarily because of the added expense.
I did a post a while back about comparing vinyl and CD versions of Miles Davis' Bags Groove. (I think that's which one it was...it's getting late.) Anyway, there were both XRCD and K2 versions. The K2 version appeared to be from a later remastering...as best I could tell. Whatever the reason, it sounded better than the XRCD, in my judgment (and was the best sounding of the bunch, including the Lp version I was using at the time). The XRCD version was noticeably brighter and even a bit irritating (to my ear).

I wish I knew about other CDs that used the K2 processing, b/c they seem to be darn good CDs. I have several K2 jazz items from Prestige and I think related labels, and I think at one time they were noted on the websites for those labels. I know there were some other Miles Davis, and Thelonious Monk, and I believe Bill Evans titles, but that pretty well exhausts my knowledge.

Good luck.
I have a few of the new HD discs and they are great sounding for the most part.
This is the only source I know except eBay:
A bunch of K2 masterings were released on various jazz labels a few years ago, and they were, to my ears, as good as any XRCD but at 1/2 the price or less. I bought a bunch for $12.00.

Try Gerry Mulligan/Thelonius Monk - "Mulligan Meets Monk"
Good sounding and less expensive than the XRCD issues pretty much sums up my interest in the K2 discs. I've got several Miles Davis (Cookin', Relaxin', Steamin', Workin', ...and the Modern Jazz Giants), Bill Evans Sunday at the Village Vanguard, and perhaps a couple of others. I was hoping for a list compiled somewhere. Too bad.
K2 Discs (half the price so twice as nice!):

Thelonius Monk - Brilliant Corners
Thelonius Monk - Monk's Music
Gene Ammons - Boss Tenor
Art Pepper - + Eleven
Credence Clearwater Revival - Cosmo's Factory

Actually, I paid about $12.00 for each of them a few years ago.