Directv HD: HDMI or component for best picture?

Hello all,
I own a true HD tv, and I am in the process of purchasing a Directv H2O high definition receiver and their HD programming.
I need help from actual owners of this receiver.
I cannot decide on which to purchase between component video cables or a HDMI cable to use with this receiver for the best video quality.
1. When using this receiver, are the video differences between the component and HDMI outputs on it big, small, or about equal?
2. Which output seems better for viewing high definition broadcasts on Directv, and in what all ways?
3. Which output seems better for viewing Directv standard defintion broadcasts?
4. Are the Directv high definition broadcasts as high a quality as the ones I can currently receive with my outside terrestial antenna?
Thanks so much for your help.
I have the new H20 box, it was installed about two weeks ago, along with the new 5LNB antenna.

The differences between component and HDMI are big, which are better likely depends on the TV and personal taste. On my Sony HDTV Grand WEGA the component is more linear and wider (less contrasty) gradation of color than HDMI.

As for quality, I get local channels off a Winegard rooftop antenna and also subscribe to local channels in HD (satellite feed) and see very little difference. The Local channels that have ZERO interference may be a bit better than HDTV feed, but in my neighborhood with lots of trees, it depends on where the local transmitter is located and how far away.

I actually have the ability to connect both HDMI and component to my TV as my DVD player has no provision for HDMI. It turned out nice as I can switch between inputs with the remote and view whatever feed I prefer.

If I could only have it one way throughout the system, I would probably go for HDMI just because it is so good and so simple. One loose connection or bit of oxidation on an RCA of the component and the color goes haywire or looses sync. I've had it happen.

Good luck, and hope your radio remote works better than mine. The delay is killing me compared to the older 10 series box.
Simple if you have a digital display (Plasma,LCD,DLP screen or projector) you need to go HDMI otherwise you will need to rely on your TV's scaler! Digital to Digital (1:1 scaling is preferred) over digital to analog and then analog to digital converted by your output device (yuk! typically unless you have a scaler..)

There's really no reason not to try it both ways and see which you prefer.
I have tried both with all else equal. In all honesty, I see little difference. I bought high end HDMI and they are great, but about same as = price component. One annoyance is HDMI is prone to falling out of jack while DVI, currently equivalent since no hdmi audio, stays put. If you are seeing little difference and wondering if you are nuts, you are not.
Does your TV do a side-by-side picture? Is so, try doing your own comparison. On my NEC 50XM5 plasma I tried this and the digital was superior due to the NEC's video processor

I find that satellite receivers don't do video or audio processing as well an an external or higher end monitor. Also, if your OTA (off the air) reception is good then this signal is often better than Satellite.
I have Direct tv HD and I prefer the HDMI connection to the component connection.
I think the difference is monor and I bet there will be no consensus for a variety of reasons,
I tried both. I prefer component as the picture was more brighter and vibrant. As for my dvd, hdmi all the way. Try both and see what you like.