digital reclocker before Altmann Attraction dac?

Does anybody have experience trying a digital reclocker (eg, Apogee Big Ben, Mutec MC-3+, etc) to reclock the signal into the Altmann Attraction dac?  This dac has Charles Altmann's proprietary reclocking and jitter reduction circuitry. I am wondering if it still might benefit from upstream reclocking. The Mutec looks very interesting and gets very positive evaluations, and I'm considering trying it. Thanks in advance for any responses.
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Using a reclocker has always helped me improve the sound, at little cost to boot. That said, I haven’t heard your dac, but have heard any number of devices ranging from a simple 2500$ to +30k (not mine, unfortunately) and they all benefited / improved sound with my little reclocker before them. There are many around, and, again, I haven’t heard your device of choice, but used to have a very well-performing for the money, thingy. This is the one my dealer recommended to me lately; definitely a magical device in my system.