Meridian transport and Altmann Attraction?

In the process of upgrading whole system (Meridian, CJ,ProAc response 2S)...Planning a vinyl set up, also want to upgrade the digital source- currently a Meridian CDP 508.16. I am wondering what the result could be using my Meridian cdp as a transport matched with the Altmann Attraction DAC. The latter seems a very good product (I guess I would get used to the car battery in the living room...); that upgrade would be affordable,leaving more money available for the vinyl set up...(who might soon become my main source, but I do have many very good CDs). Any one with an idea on this??
Sure. If you get the Attraction DAC with the JISCO feature, you need not worry about the transport much. So, you could potentially save some more money there. Once you hear the Altmann it may cause you to think a little differently about your Analog front end too.
Thanks. What do you mean by thinking differently about the analog front end?
The other thing I wonder about is I have read that with the ÀA transport doesn't make a difference to the end result. As I have compared my Meridian used as a transport with other transports using a Chord DAC 64 and appreciated its articulation over the others, I wonder if I could lose something using the AA. And that issue with noise in some systems?? Using the Chord 64 remains an interesting option not that much more expensive. The RAM function on it seems to act as jitter control, if I get things right.
I guess I would say that you will be fine with the Meridian as a transport -- no need to spend any more money on a transport.