SimAudioAttraction vs. EAD 8800 Pro

I was wondering if there is a lot of real difference between these two - Balanced operation is a high priority for me, as well as 2 channel. HT performance would be a secondary consideration -Please let me know your thoughts/expeiences -Thanks!
Looking at your virtual system, I see that you and I apparently have 'opposite' equipment - my EAD TM8800Pro processor and Sim W-5LE amp to your Sim processor and EAD amplification.

I have previously owned a Sim Titan amp, EAD TM8000Pro and EAD TM8800(non-Pro) processors, so I also went through alot of the 'EAD vs. Sim' research.

Ist - in case you didn't know - the Attraction 7.1 utilizes the previous-generation EAD 8000-series mainboard, but was voiced by Sim and was supposedly better-sounding then an equivalent 8000. In that comparison, the easy choice for 2-channel sound would be the 7.1. But, your Attraction 5.1 uses an even earlier version of the EAD chipset and firmware.

And, the 8800-series uses a new mainboard design that is not shared with any Sim products, so the choice here is not as clear. 2 separate dealers that each sell BOTH Sim and EAD have told me that the 8800Pro is just a hair more transparent then the Attraction 7.1 - that's about it.

I can attest to the EAD's transparency, as I have compared the sound of my Esoteric CD player run directly to a VAC Renaissance tube preamp to the same player connected through the EAD to the VAC using identical balanced inputs. Assuming equivalent levels were set, an A/B comparo proved that the EAD is extremely transparent - basically unnoticeable - when using balanced cabling.

Finally, the 8800 does have Dolby ProLogic II and a faster processor, which I found to be FAR better for HT sonics then standard DPL of the earlier designs that I owned - enough to justify the upgrade.

Hope that helps.
Thx for your thread Bhouser - If I can scrape some $ together I will try the 8800 PRO, I imagine the difference will be minor, however...The Attraction sounds excellent and both Sim and EAD are great companies -Is the 8800P the only balanced processor(EAD lineup past&present) for all channels? This is the main feature that steered me towards the Attraction... Thanks again!
I believe you are correct about the 8800pro being the only all-balanced output processor of the EAD lineup - at least until they come out with their next-generation $14k processor.

Prior to the 8800Pro, You had to go Attraction if you wanted balanced outs, which still ain't a bad way to go if you can do without DPLII!