Difference between SME 3009 VS. RB 300?

Anyone with the experience for both arms,assuming both are mounted on the same TT. Yes the SME is old,but curious on how it measures up against the RB300?
not too many people will be able to answer to you this question since it's pretty i believe rare to get one person that tried or heard both on the same table.

rb300 is unadjustable minimalistically designed arm with rigid and straight armtube and fixed headshell. this construction has theoretically the minimum vibration inside its structure. rb300 minimalistic design demands a maximum precision drilling from armboards and from turntables at the same time which is nearly unrealistic.

sme3009 is s-shaped tonearm with detachable headshell and fully adjustable azimuth, vta, anti-skate but sophisticated and consists of too many joint parts that can invoke unwanted resonance due to its mutual vibrational interactions.

in general still more success can be acheived with rb300 but there could be some problems such as misread or distorted inner grooves, problems setting up the correct anti-skate.
Please make a note that you can try out an AudioQuest PT9 arm that sort-of combines quality of both and in the same price range + very user friendly. Will be a great match to any inexpencive turntable such as Thorens TD160, Well-Tempered. For more expencive precision-crafted decks I would suggest RB300 or even RB250 that goes in standard package with lots of great decks such as Basis, Clearaudio, Michell and even LP12.
Soon I will have a 3009 arm mounted on one of my TD 160's and I have a Rega 25 with RB300 arm and the incogito wiring upgrade, heavyweight, and VTA riser kit. I intend to do some extensive comparisions between the P25, modified TD160, the stock TD 160 and the old relible AR XA and see which decade's system rules.
...mmm it's actually a great match with TD160 to use SME3009.
I confirm Mara's point above. I had a 160/3009, eons ago, and was sonically happy with the combo.
Goroi: There were different versions of the 3009 (the later/lighter versions will limit the types of cartridges that can be matched up). Because of this I would not go beyond a 3009II (non-improved version) if considering this arm (from there on the mass was reduced). The 3009R has a fixed headshell and is a bit more solid, though I find the azimuth adjustment on the 3009II (non-improved) to come in handy.

I am also curious about the Rega arms (the modded 250 seems to be the most popular) and only ended up with the 3009II as it was included with my current deck @ a price that I could not pass up ($199 for a TD125 MkII/SME 3009II combo).

What I would really like (down the road) is an arm that has adjustable VTA, on the fly (this would make me a happy camper). I wonder if such a mod is available for the Rega arms?
Dekay, there are several VTA adjusters available for all the Rega arms. But, they are not "on the fly" adjustable. Origin Live and Express Machining both make them, and I think there are others. Typical price is around $40. Not the easiest thing to use, but does the job. If you could design an "on the fly" adjuster for the Rega arms, you could retire on the money you'd make off of it.
Audiogoners,thanks a lot for the information....
Curiously, Jonjacques,what happened with the extensive comparisons?
Dekay, I am working on a design for an "on-the-fly" VTA adjuster for the Rega/OL arms. Should have a prototype up and running soon.
finished (almost) the fully modified td160/sme 3009 table. Comparisions with Rega 25 and Aurum Beta S cartridge show the limitations of the OM 10 super cartridge which is more harsh and slightly diminished soundstage. However, the sme arm is quite beautiful and the mounting plate from Flat Earth Audio allows a relatively quick replacement. The arm can't move back quite enough for perfect alignment, but it is close. Dialing in the sme is still on-going. I just purchased a Wright-Sound phono pre so next week I should be able to take my parasound phono pre to the office for the clash of the AR XA vs. td/160 sme.