Midbass differences between Hypex NC400 and UcDs?


I've been reading about Hypex NCores and UcD series and NCores are better when used full range. My plan is to use them in an active system, though, and I'd like to know what the differences are to be expected in the 80-600Hz range.

The system is 4-way stereo. Two powered subs take care of 20-80Hz. The rest is to be covered with midbass, midrange, and ribbon tweeter. I have a McIntosh MC275 that I could use for either midrange or tweeter.

My plan is to use an NC400 for either midrange or tweeter and either an NC400 or a UcD700 for the midbass. The advantage being saving some money while having more power on tap, despite the driver having 95 dB sensitivity. Do you think I will hear a difference between NC400 and UcD700 in this range?

Thank you!
No one can tell you what any amp will sound like in your room, with your speakers. Too many variables. Every room will have standing waves that create peaks and nulls, that predominately impact the bass to mid-bass frequencies. Every amp will sound differently with various speaker systems and their particular reactive impedance curves. That dynamic is also generally most noticed in the bass & mid-bass regions. Different speaker system designs will also generate differing amounts of, "Back EMF" that will impact an amp's behavior in degrees that depend on it's damping factor. Here are some things that should make my statements a bit clearer: (http://sound.westhost.com/patd.htm) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrical_characteristics_of_dynamic_loudspeakers) (http://education.lenardaudio.com/en/05_speakers_3.html) (http://www.crownaudio.com/media/pdf/amps/136224.pdf)(http://www.recordingmag.com/resources/resourceDetail/225.html) Like I said, "Lots of variables."
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