Difference between Energy 22, and Reference 22?

Besides having built in stands, does anyone know of any other differences between the regular Energy Pro 22 speakers, and the Energy Pro 22 Reference speakers?

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1. Thicker cabinet walls strengthened with ten 1’’ thick braces.
2. Internal angles which are different from one another to eliminate standing waves inside the cabinet.
3. Special port arrangement in the speaker stand for further extended bass response.
4. All parts are matched to tolerances between left and right speakers, ensuring outstanding soundstage re-creation.

the Ref 22 is on my list of 3 pieces I want to find---

have you located a pair??

many thanks
there were a number of different 22 speakers--according to energy's website, the original pro 22s date from 1982 and evolved into the connoiseur 22 and then the (late 80's) 22 reference connossieur. there was also a 22.1, 22.2, etc. to my knowledge they all had different drivers. as noted above, the "pro" models had different design features than the consumer models. a good audio friend of mine swears by the 22 reference connossieur (RC) as an all-time great.
Around mid 80's I traded my ML CLSII for the Ref.Connoisseur 22. Wanted change,
after 2yrs, I switched to the then new Maggie IIIa - a move which I recalled I regretted
a little - for overall, still preferred Energy for the most of my music then (which were
mainly/amongst others ; jazz, fusion, pop, r&b and a little disco).

Airy, extended and refined highs (espc.for the period), neutral full sounding mids
with just a touch of warmth, reasonably quick punchy midbass and deep controlled
bass extending in room seemingly to mid 20Hz.. Really nice and compact package
for the sound delivered. VTL 300s/Krell KSA80 amps, VTL Ultimate pre, were what I
used to drive them with (+Sony CDP 557 ES - if I remembered correctly as source).

If anyone can locate a pair today in mint as new working condition (properly
reconditioned) at a good price, I'd say get them, they are worthwhile! Mine was the
natural/matt rosewood option, beautiful finish. Perhaps this is not a post relevant for
the OP (some good differences has already been noted in posts above), just thought
of sharing my early experience with these wonderful speakers.