Could someone tell me the difference between monitors and fullrange speakers? Could I use monitor speakers as my main speakers in a home theater system? Say like a Merlin monitor... Thank you, Mike
Depends on what you mean when you use the term "monitor." Many are large, full range speakers.

I think one just needs to look at the numbers. HT seems more realistic going down to 30 and below.--A sub will allow this without changing your main speakers--(if you alread own 'em). Depends on how much bass you like.
Are you refering to the difference between bookshelf (those that use stands) and floorstanders which generally sit on the floor? This sounds like what you are really wanting to know.

Monitor and fullrange are vague. Not all bookshelves are monitors and not all floorstanders are full range or even close to it. Even what is full range is debatable and opinions will vary.

Generally monitors are smaller speakers which are designed to be used with a stand. Fullrange speakers are generally much larger and sit on the floor. However most floorstanders are not full range and there are some monitors which can surpass some floorstanders in the bass department.

Yes you can use either floorstander or monitors for you HT setup. Both are commonly used. Chances are if your going for HT you'll probably want a subwoofer so either should be just fine.

Hope this made some sense???

BW Maxx
You could do great with Monitor's, easier to place and good WAF...just make sure you get a center that is made by same manufacturer and your good to go
Thanks very much for all the responses, now I have an idea which way to go. Mike