McIntosh C220 C2200 C2300 differences?

I am thinking of getting a Mac preamp to match my SS amp (an upgraded McCormack, perhaps a Mac MC275 down the road). Looking at the C220 and C2200 primarily. What are the sonic differences between these two? What about the C2300? A dealer nearby has a demo unit he would sell for $4600, but I don't know if it is worth nearly the 2x cost. I don't listen to vinyl
You can see the specs for the C220 on McIntosh's site plus I haven't heard this unit.

I have heard the C2200 and C2300 though and bought the C2300. The C2300 is an update to the C2200 and uses a R-core transfomer which produces less noise and hum. It also has some other upgraded parts inside. I preferred the sound of the C2300 with my SS amp and bought it used with 300 hours on it. Nice preamp although I did tube roll the Chinese made stock line stage tube pair.

What were the sonic differences between the 2200 and 2300? Enough to justify $1800 for someone on a budget? Or were they very close?
Check the McIntosh forum over at Many of the posters are given to hyperbole but there's some good information there for McIntosh fans.
IMO the c2300 is the superior music maker compared to the c2200. The c2300 bass is quicker and better defined and top to bottom it has better coherence without any frequency bulges. The c2200 has a definate peak in the upper mids/lower treble which gives it a forwardness/brightness which I did not like.
The c2300 has on the fly (by remote) bass and treble as well as on the fly MC and MM impedance changes which is very kool.

If you do not use vinyl at all, don't mind the c220 not having on the fly bass/treble adjustment and looking to save money - perhaps the c220 would be the better option. I have not heard it hut I believe it is closer in sound to the c2300 than the c2200.

good luck
The c2300 is Not an upgrade to the c2200--it is a new and different pre.