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Esound E5 Cd player
Yes, I've had one for 16 months. As Megasam said it easily competes with the BEST $2000 players. Go to in the dedicated source forum. Do a little searching and you will find a thread which has well over 1000 responses dealing with... 
tyler linbrook signatures vs. b&w 802
In other words you've never heard the Tylers. You sound an awful lot like a certain poster on AA who continously bashes Tyler even though he admits he's never heard them either.Bose compared to Tyler! Can we say zero credibility.MaxxC 
what is the best deal you ever got on audiogon
Focus Audio FS688's for $1350 with free shipping. Sell for $2990. Weren't even burned in when I got them. Emailed the owner after I received them and he said they were to be part of a 6th system he was putting together. Wife said enough and made h... 
How could you go wrong for $240.01?
What results its a rack? :) 
re: Jolida 801A-transformer- question
You can contact Bill at Response Audio (See manufacturer list ). They specialize in Jolida and the 801 is his favorite integrated Jolida. I'm sure you can get all your questions answered there and they could repair if needed. They even have a mod ... 
Sovtek 6550 - Can they really be THIS bad???
Come on, Trelja you been around for awhile. "new Jadis today." Can we say burn in time :) I wouldn't even look at rolling tubes till 200 hours of burn in.I have Soveteks el84's in my Yarland with no complaints. BW MaxxC 
How could you go wrong for $240.01?
Read again! $500 buy it now not .01! He lists both .01 and buy it now. The 845 is listed both ways.Looking at the Aria Mini amp as an example. If you could actually win a auction at .01 (very doubtful) pay 65 shipping and actually receive the amp ... 
fritz loudspeakers
Do a word search at Audio Asylum in the speaker forum. There is at least one review I know of in that forum.BW MaxxC 
Tube amp warm up
I really haven't found any difference to reach optimum sound with SS or tube. 45-60 minutes generally.I've found tube amps easier to listen to though, as they do warm up to optimum performance.BW MaxxC 
Help me pick the right monitor
If the specs are accuarte then the DeCapoi dosen't go quite as deep in bass as your AE's. The DeCapoi is 42hz (+/-3db). The Decapo do have 8" woofers but they give up a few hz on the low end for better effeciency.I really doubt if you'll find anyt... 
Favorite Tube Speaker Match
I'm running a Yarland el-84 based tube amp with some paper cone Castle Trent speakers in my Kitchen system and find them to synergize very well. Using CDP as a source and it sounds very natural and alot like vinyl. To my ear dosen't sound dark at ... 
Epos LS3 or Wharfedale Diamond 9.1?
I own several bookshelves as well (Focus audio FS688, TSW mini monitors, Castle Trents, Aperion 502b, PSB Alpha mini and Axiom Mzeroti) and briefly auditioned the Epos ELS3.The Epos were driven by a budget NAD amp and CDP. I Thought they sounded v... 
Jolida JD-100 or Eastsound CD-5 ?
Yes good idea to be cautious of raves over a product especially from new owners. I had one of the first Eastsounds in North America. Bought it about 15 months ago. I knew very little about the E5 at the time so I emailed a audiophile in Canada who... 
Best redbook player for under $1000
Eastsound CD-E5. 
6moons review of FAB Audio Model 1 speaker
Herman, I agree ALMOST totally. My one caveat: equipment you really love on home audition. You can really end up disliking after the Honeymoon period is over with. One recent example that comes to mind is the Sonic Impact amp I bought just for the...